Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday and Chili

Today we will have chili for lunch. I have the chili all ready and it has been on "warm"  since 8:30 this morning. We will have crackers and cheese with it. I am out of Fretoes.  I may walk over to the Dollar General store and buy some.  It's only a block.

Last night I awoke at 1:00 with my hands hurting. I could not get back to sleep because of that and also  because of thinking about that situation at work.

I had two groups of people I had to ask to quiet down so I could concentrate on what I was doing yesterday.  One group was teenagers and I asked them to quiet down so I could concentrate and also asked them to leave since the library is not a recreation center.  Then I also talked to the two young men who were talking loudly and told them that there was a man over in genealogy trying to think and myself, trying to  scan bar codes, and their conversations were so loud it was troubling to both of us. They quieted down too and apologized.

I can't believe folks nowadays don't now how to behave in a library.

More later....

Well, I didn't have to scan bar codes today. Instead I had to find 30 books that were not in the system and the only way to find them was to have the numbers of the books on either side of them. It took me three hours to finish. Then when I finished my work, I found that Paula had only done half of hers so I had hers to finish too.  This job has become a nightmare even worse then the museum.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It sounds as if it's not getting any easier! :(

Margie's Musings said...

Nope! It's not!