Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Again at Last

I am so glad to see Friday come. Katie will have me looking for books...literally hundreds of them.... that for some reason did not make it into the system when they put the bar codes on them years ago.

I slept well last night after a relatively easy afternoon yesterday. All I did was put away DVDs and the new fiction and do some minor things to help Katie out. My hands, as sore as they have been, have been feeling better today and I didn't take any Aleve last night.

I had some alarming news in my e-mail today. My old friends Ron and Joyce are having some major health problems....mostly Ron.... from what I see in the morning's e-mail. He has had quadruple bypass surgery twice in the past and has type 2 diabetes on top of that. Joyce, his wife, has type 1 and has to take insulin.  Ron has recently had another heart attack and pneumonia and lord only knows what else. Their  granddaughter has quit her job and is taking care of them. I think Ron is 82 or 83 and Joyce is three years older. I am very concerned! They are very dear friends. The movie "Space Cowboys" was written about an experience Ron had years ago.  He worked for the government, the Air Force, I believe, as a physicist and is brilliant.  He and I worked on a book together for years about our church's history. I scanned the Book of Mormon page by page and he wrote the bulk of the book. I don't think he ever got it finished and published it. Joyce has been a stay-at-home mom and grandmother.  They are both from England originally and Ron came over here to attend college over 60 years ago and stayed. Joyce followed him over.  Anyhow..I am very concerned.

Today we will have chicken tenders for lunch...with mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring the salad. I have some pudding for dessert and I made cookies yesterday. Bobby will be eating with us again today. He will eat with us through Tuesday when Karan comes home from Florida. Bobby has done so many nice things for me over the years, this gives me an opportunity to  do something for him.

I will need  to make an appointment for tomorrow for an oil change on my Civic. I see it is finally telling me the oil is down to 15% effective and that is supposed to be the time to have an oil change. I will try for 9:30 or so in the morning.

More later....

Dinner today was good. I sent the leftovers home with Bob and Bobby. I will take my car to Bartlesville tomorrow afternoon to have the oil changed.  Bob wants to go too so we will eat at McCallisters.

At work, I searched for the dozens of books that were not in the system.  It took me an hour or so but I got them all located. I also cleaned four DVDs this afternoon and put away dozens of DVDs. It's a mess there.

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