Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

I am doing laundry right now. It's 6:00 AM.  I have stripped my bed and am also washing my towels. I slept until almost 6:00 this morning but I awoke at 2:30 with my hands throbbing. I had taken two Aleve before I went to bed but they only alleviated the pain enough to get me to sleep. I did get back to sleep but my hands are still sore this morning.

I never mentioned to Katie what I knew had happened at the library on Tuesday.  There was no point.  Amie said she was going to call the college back Monday morning and see if she could get me set up for an interview there. The library has become toxic.

Yesterday Katie had me begin to scan bar codes in the genealogy area.Those tomes were huge! Every time I took one of them down, the entire shelf wanted to fall.  I was up on a stool trying to keep all those books from falling down while hold the huge book in my left hand that I had to open to scan the bar code.  I got three bookcases finished before really just playing out.  My hands were aching from the strain. And  I took Katie a half dozen books that would not scan. She will have to enter them into the system manually. The bar codes were too damaged.

Then I went back to checking in DVDs, filing them in the machines, and putting away the cases in the bookshelves. I finished that at 4:55 and came home exhausted. I ate some yogurt and fed Missy her treats.  At 6:00, Bob came over and we had some ice cream and watched re-runs of The Big Bang Theory before he left.  Then I took my bath and Missy and I watched Nova on PBS before we went to bed....exhausted!

When the dryer finishes I will remake my bed and start my cleaning. In the meantime, I will take Missy out for an hour.

More later....

All right! I had Missy out for an hour and then we came in and I cleaned the apartment thoroughly. I even cleaned a spot on the living room carpet. I got my bed re-made too. 

I went over to the dollar store for something I needed and also went to the new Braums store and bought garlic toast for our lasagna which we are having for lunch.  We will have broccoli with it and Bob's coleslaw. I have fruit for dessert.  I have just enough time to make some more cookies before they come. Bob has meals on wheels today so we will eat later at noon. We have invited Bobby to come too. He is at loose ends with his wife in Florida visiting a friend. He will come tomorrow too and Monday. If he comes to our church (I doubt he will without Karan) he can eat out with the  eight or nine of us that eat out together on Sundays after church.  I'm not sure what the plan is for Saturday's meal.

After lunch, I will go to work (which I dread...for obvious reasons).  My hands are still swollen and aching from yesterday.

More later....

Today was easier then I thought at work. There was no scanning done. Primarily because almost all I scanned yesterday was not entered in the system and I will spend tomorrow afternoon picking out the materials Katie will need to enter them into the system.  What a mess. There were hundreds of books not entered in the system...for some reason.  I worked steadily putting away DVDs and new fiction.  I also checked some DVDs in and put them away. I stayed busy.

Bob came over this evening and we watched the news and two sessions of old Big Bang Theory episodes.  When he went home, I took my bath and then took the paper over to Marilyn to read.

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