Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday and Watching Missy

I am watching Missy closely this morning. Last night I noticed a small puncture hole on her back and she did not act like she felt well. I wasn't sure whether to put some antibiotic ointment on it or not.  I felt her nose this morning (4:30 AM)  and it doesn't not feel hot to the touch. Perhaps I'm just over reacting.  Today I will clean up Bob's trimmer. I used it yesterday morning after Missy's trauma to do the trimming. It has lots of dried grass clinging to it since the grass was wet with dew. The mower just did a halfway job...very little if any mowing. I will need to recharge the trimmer.  He didn't even mow the ditch in front of the apartments.  The grass there was six inches tall. I trimmed the entire complex around Marilyn's apartment and mine and down the middle as well.  It looks much better now.

We are having the leftover meatloaf from Monday again today. I fixed a sauce to cook it (read warm it up) in and it turned out well but we have quite a bit left so we will have it again today. I will warm up the leftover boiled potatoes too and the green bean casserole. We still have Bob's orange jello salad as well.  That will be lunch. Tomorrow when Bobby joins us for lunch, I will have chicken tenders and mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad.  We will have the fruit I bought at Wall Mart on Saturday with cookies for dessert. Bobby will eat lunch with us while Karan is with her friends in Florida. They leave in the morning and will be gone four days. I will cook Thursday and Friday and perhaps Saturday and then we always eat out on Sunday. Karan should be back on Monday. Perhaps we will have tuna casserole on Friday.

More later...I may as well dress.

Lots of news. A friend called this morning to find out why one of the librarians was fired yesterday.  I didn't have a clue. She was gone when I got there in the afternoon. I asked around and learned that she had been given a project to do and never got it done. Then she was told to do it again and told she would be terminated if she didn't get it done. Again, she didn't get it finished.  There are only two librarians that check out all the books and DVDs. One of the others is in charge of getting all the books into the system. Another is in charge of children's programs. These two up front are swamped.  When they go to lunch the other two have to jump up to cover the front desk. The second "up front" librarian is also very unhappy with the situation. He is on vacation right now.  The director is gone a lot. She has numerous meetings that she attends.  She's also pretty authoritative. ...instead of being tactful and friendly.

A couple of weeks ago, the librarians had a meeting behind locked office doors...all but the man. He stayed
at the desk and took care of the business. ...someone had to. I needed to get into the office to finish my work but they would not let me in.  After thirty minutes or so, they opened the door and I got in to do my work. I thought that was rude but didn't know what it was about.  I may have complained about that here. I've forgotten.

Last week, when the director was gone, I heard them discussing whether they could afford to retire or not.
One of them is an ex-teacher and she said she had Kepers  but still would not have enough to retire.  I didn't know what that was all about until today when I learned abut the firing.  I was just in there doing my work and overheard all this.

I called my director, Aime, this morning after all this broke.


Sister--Three said...

I am hoping the college will call you soon. That library is an hostile work environment!

Margie's Musings said...

Definately! I don't need the stress at this point in my life.