Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday and a Cookout/Basket Dinner

Today we will have our Mission Center youth minister as a guest minister and afterward we will have  a cookout/basket dinner either outside or inside. I prefer inside. Flies both me and the heat might also be a problem. After all, this is August in Kansas.  I have made baked beans and am taking my coffeecake for the greats...and anyone else who wants some.  They always ask, "Did Gigi bring coffeecake for us?" So I take one every other Sunday.On the alternate Sundays Bob take banana nut bread. My beans are out of the oven and  the coffeecake is in there now.

I slept really well last night.  I got up shortly before 5:00. I knew I had quite a bit to do this morning...besides taking Missy out on the carport.  I had this baking to do too.

Bob walked over a bit ago to read the paper. I will drive to church in my car. The price of gasoline has gone up a bit and I need to do my part. My car gets better gas mileage. It's smaller.

I worked on my sermon for the 30th a bit this morning but it's not going too well.  I will have to spend some time on it this next week.

The SER program has cut our hours by two hours a week or four each pay period so I will take off at 3:00 each Friday until those hours are restored.

More later....

We had a good sized congregation at church today and most of them stayed for the dinner afterward.  Bob and Phyllis and I stayed until the very last and left the kitchen clean. I brought home some dirty towels.  Now I will do my congregational newsletter.

Later Bob will probably come over for 60 Minutes.

More even later...


Sister--Three said...

Margie, taught 3rd through 7th grades -- 40 years!

Margie's Musings said...

My goodness! How admirable!