Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

This is the day I set aside to clean the apartment. If I do it on a regular basis I get it done. I used to clean on Monday...every Monday...then I started the exercise classes. I get so much exercise at work in the afternoon that I dropped out of the class but I continue to clean on Thursday now.

Missy has waited pretty patiently to go outside this morning. It's just now light enough so I will take a short break and put the laundry in the dryer and then take her out.

More later...

Well, she rushed me around to let her outside and now she thinks it's too chilly and wants back in. Cats!

I have to admit I went back in and got a sweater myself.  Finally she came back out. But it is chilly!

The wind and rain yesterday blew a lot of leaves around so I swept the carport.

Bob came briefly and then went on to Braums to have biscuits and gravy for his breakfast. I had my bowl of cereal and a banana and orange juice with my coffee earlier.

Missy seems pretty content to stay in here where it's warmer.  I came in while Bob was here and he could open the door for me. I had my coffee cup, my laptop and Missy's mat so  I needed someone to open the door. I have my laundry in the dryer and some of it is crops so it's good I'm where I can get it out before the wrinkles set in.

Tomorrow will be nice at work. Since they cut our hours, I will only work until 3:00 on Fridays until they increase our hours again.  That will mean less money but I will deal with it.

We will have our cornbread and beans again today for lunch. Tomorrow we may go to "Just Us" and eat a nice buffet.

More much later....

I got my apartment cleaned again today.  After I finished, I took the registers off the wall and took my vacuum and cleaned up a huge mess of filth back there.  There was dust an inch deep.   I'll bet no one has ever had those registers off. What a mess!

Scott, my younger son, called this morning and visited with me for awhile. I enjoyed hearing from him. Also, Leslie called too and I had a nice visit with her. Now, if I hear from Keith.. my week will be complete. :)

Our lunch was very good. I took the rest of the beans and cornbread over to Marilyn.  She can have it for dinner.

My afternoon was mostly the same as the usual.  I put away DVDs and the fiction books and also did some shelf reading.  The afternoon drug. But it finally ended.

Bob called this evening and said he would just stay home this evening. In a few minutes I will take my bath and put my PJs on and sit with Missy on my lap. That's my usual after 7:00 routine. 

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Bo Tolbert said...

It is always a good idea to set a day for cleaning. It helps you focus the cleaning, and sets up the house for the rest of the week. And you certainly have gotten into it really well. It’s a good thing you managed to clean behind those registers and remove those inch-thick layers of dirt. It would be a shame if those end up irritating anyone in the future. Cheers!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply