Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday and a Long Day

Today I will go in to work from 9:00 until 10:30 and then come home to fix lunch before going back in at 1:00 to work until 5:00. I hope I can manage that alright. I am trying to make up for the six hours I will miss by taking off Thursday, Friday (and Saturday) for John Whitmer Historical Association meeting in Independence, Missouri.

That's a historical society I have belonged to for forty years. They study the history of our church and the movement. Scholars, serious scholars, present papers with their findings. They are always very interesting to those of us who enjoy history. There is a banquet and lots of time to visit with old friends I have known all these years. I keep thinking I will stop attending. It has become more expensive over the years. I think the dues are now $40. a year. They began at $25.00 a year and that includes two journals a year they publish and send out to us. The meetings for the weekend have risen to $180. I bite the bullet and give myself that for a gift. I only attend every other year when they hold the meetings in Independence, Missouri. On alternate years they hold the meetings away in the various areas where our movement moved as they were persecuted. I really enjoy these meetings.

Tomorrow I can't work any extra unless I add it on at the end of the day.  I have to take the Coffeyville cakes to the Christian Church in Independence, Kansas, for their free dinner for the lonely and the poor on Tuesday evenings. After that, I will have my hair done while Bob goes to visit his sister, Betty. I will go to Juanita's after that and balance her checkbook.  Then I will pick him up at Betty's and we will have lunch at Great China. After that I will come back to Coffeyville to go to work. It will be a busy week.

Wednesday I will do the same as today's schedule. I'll go in at 9:00 and work until 10:30, come home and fix lunch and got back at 1:00 for the afternoon four hours.  That will make up all six hours since I worked three hours last Saturday and an extra thirty minutes Friday afternoon. 

Bob will come over and take care of Missy. She likes of the few people she likes.

Right now she is wanting to go outside on the carport but it's still dark and we don't go out until it gets light. A couple of times we have been surprised by a tomcat that tends to hide under my car so I always go out first and kneel down and check under the car. And we never go out until it gets light.

More later...I think I'll bake my cake this morning. I can ice it this evening.

Well, we went out when it got dark but Fred, from across the street also came out and he does a lot of shouting so she didn't want to stay out.  We came back in.

I worked for an hour and a half this morning and now I'm home to fix our lunch.

More later...

Lunch was good and I cleaned up and went back to work early. I will not work extra tomorrow because my morning is already huge. But Wednesday, I will go in and work extra to make up for the six hours I will miss this weekend. I worked three hours Saturday morning  and an hour and a half extra this morning. I also worked an extra half hour on Friday. So Wednesday I will need only an extra hour this Wednesday.

I am very tired this evening but no more tired then usual. I will watch the new Big Bang Theory and see if it has improved. Otherwise I will just give the program up. 

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