Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday and My 80th Birthday

Well, this is the big day. I finally turned 80 today. I am very fortunate to have such good health. I take a little blood pressure pill and also a very tiny bit of thyroid. That's it!

Today I got a Kindle book gift from my old friend Bill H. I tried to download it and it would not download.  I finally called Amazon and they troubleshooted the issue.  It turned out it was a Kindle issue. I had just charged it two days ago but it needed to be charged again. As soon as I plugged it in, I saw the book download. The original Kindle the kids gave me the Christmas after Bob died, died just after the two year warranty went off.  They offered me a deal on a Paperwhite Kindle at Amazon and I took it. I have had this one about two years and it is evidently having trouble holding a charge. It is charging now. Amazon is supposed to call me back within the hour to check on it. I will tell them it finally downloaded.  I like to use the Kindle because I am basically out of space for books. I have been selling books on Amazon for several years.  I hope to get most of them sold before I die. Lord only knows when that will be.

Today I will go with Bob and Marilyn up to Cherryvale to "Just Us" for lunch. Marilyn's treat! I tried to tell her we would buy our own lunch but she insists. That's really sweet of her. She brought us some cake last evening and some very good salad. I had half the salad for my supper and when Bob came over last evening we each had some of the cake.

This afternoon at 1:00 I will go play games at the senior center. It is something different to do.  The apartment is clean and the laundry is all done. I need to wrap the other two gifts I bought. I bought wrapping paper at Wal Mart yesterday. Maybe I will get that done today.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast this morning with orange juice and coffee. Tomorrow for lunch we will have spaghetti and a veggie. I will take some of that to Marilyn too. We will have plenty. I still need to go to Braums and get my yogurt and milk. I will try to get that done today too.

More later....

I got my gifts wrapped before Bob came to pick me up.

Marilyn R. took Bob and me to Cherryvale for lunch today for my birthday. We were going to "Just Us" but Jim was still in the hospital with pneumonia so they were closed. We went across the street to Pizza Hut and had lunch there. It was good.

When we got home to Coffeyville we went to the senior center to play games.  We left at 3:00 and I came home to  read the mail and the paper.

Bob should be over soon and he will read the newspapers. I want to check to see what is on PBS tonight. 


clairz said...

Happy birthday, Margie. I have been reading your blog for years and you would be an inspiration at any age with all your activities, energy, thoughtfulness, and kindness to others. And now, at the age of 80, you are more like a miracle!

Ellen D. said...

Happy Birthday, Margie! Hope you have a splendid year!

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you so much, girls! I appreciate your thoughts!

Sister--Three said...

I hope you "hang on"! For many more years. I so enjoy checking on you almost daily.

Happy 80th year!

Margie's Musings said...

I did have a great birthday. My kids all called and even grandchildren.