Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Busy Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept well last night and it's a good thing. I had a busy morning. My paper was late so I called the paper about it and was told my subscription had expired last March. So I will renew it Tuesday while I am in Independence. Meanwhile I went to one of the service stations to buy a Reporter. I need some change for the machine and the woman was in there but refused to open a little early even to give me change so I went to McDonald's and got change. When I got back to the service station  their machine would not accept my four quarters. I called the Reporter and asked for a location where I could buy a Reporter and they told me about one just a few blocks away. I went there and bought a paper. When I got home and began to read it, I discovered I just had half of the paper. So I went back and informed the woman at that station and she gave me a new one. I noticed there were quite few papers that were only half there. So I told her about it and suggested that she separate those out and give them back to the Reporter. When I got home, I was wet from the rain. I read the paper but noticed it was not worth the two trips or the $1.00 at all. What a waste.

Anyhow, I made my coffeecake and it went over well at church. Marilyn R went with Bob and me and later went out to eat with the group at El Pueblo. She seemed to enjoy them all. I hope she will come back next week for the Christmas program and the Christmas dinner afterward.  I will ask her.

I got my letters finished and out on the mailbox for the mailman tomorrow. It's 3:00 now. I will work on my Christmas cards this week. I probably will not get them in the mail quite yet but at least I will have them finished before Christmas.

Tomorrow I will clean and do my little bit of laundry. We will have chicken strips and mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch and something for dessert. I haven't got that far yet.

Tuesday I will take the cakes up to Independence and get my hair done too. If Bob goes along, we will eat at Great China.  If not, I will come home and cook.

Marilyn wants to take us to "Just Us" for my birthday on Wednesday. That's nice. We will drive separately since she has somewhere else to go after lunch.  I will go to play Bunco Wednesday afternoon. I enjoyed that last month.

More later...

Bob came over about 5:00 and left about 8:00.  We watched a football game and then 60 Minutes. I've had my bath and Missy is patiently waiting for me to come to the living room and get into the recliner.  Ho Hum! Better go!

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