Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday and Bob's Appointment

Today I will go with Bob to see his doctor at 8:30.  His blood work yesterday was not where it ought to be and he thinks the doctor will address that. Also, Bob's cold has hung on for three weeks now and there may be something else going on there.

I slept well last night again. I did get up at 4:45 when I just couldn't get back to sleep that time. I must have got my sleep out by then. I did go to bed at 9:00PM.

We are going to have chicken for lunch/dinner.  I'll fix some more potatoes to go with it and a veggie. I may make gravy. Bob will bring a salad. I need to get something for dessert too today. I am out of pudding and also out of fruit. I do have cookies.  I'll go to the market this morning after we get back from the doctor.

Bob's son, Dennis, came over yesterday afternoon and we worked on working up a resume' for him. Everywhere he has gone to apply for a job they have wanted a resume'.  He is not computer savvy and doesn't know how to work up a resume' so we worked on reconstructing his work record and I printed off a dozen resume's for him. If he needs more, I have saved that on the computer. I will print off more.

I have been following the progress of the building of a new home for my younger son and his wife. I have posted the photos of that progress on this blog.


I have also followed the progress of my daughter's puppies. They have a bunch! Their Corgi, Mini, had five registered Corgis and John's little rat terrier/Jack Russell  mix, Speck, had six from the same Corgi male, Hoover. Hoover gets around!  They are selling the Corgis and giving away the mixes.

More later....

I did go with Bob to his doctor's appointment.  Afterward we went to Utopia for cinnamon rolls and visiting with the exercise group.

I came home and read until time to start lunch/dinner. We ate at 12:30 since we had just had a cinnamon roll.

I also ran out to Walmart to get business card stock. They were no longer carrying it. So that was a wasted trip. Six and a half miles out there and six and a half miles back.

We had our chicken dinner and I sent the leftover chicken home with Bob.  I read my Kindle most of the afternoon. I did take Missy out in the sunshine for a little while. She spent about ten minutes out there before wanting to come back in.

Bob came over at 6:00 to watch Brooks and Shields commentary on the political situation on PBS.

He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and settled down in the recliner with Missy to watch a special for Willie Nelson. It was very good.

After that, Missy and I went to bed. It was 9:30

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Kay said...

That looks like it will be a huge and wonderful house! I love seeing house construction going up. I guess that's because we've gone through it twice and can relate to it.

I can also relate to needing a good night's sleep.