Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday and Housecleaning Day

This is the day I clean house and strip my bed. I also turned the foam pad on my bed. It was beginning to show a depression where I sleep. I prefer the side of the bed where the nightstand is so I can turn on the lamp by my bedside when I am ready to get up. So I didn't want to change to the other side of the bed.

I have decided to go to the market when it is open this morning. I want to see if I can find some pork cutlets. If they have them, I will get some for lunch/dinner today.  I will fix boiled potatoes and gravy and a veggie and another coleslaw salad. I think this will finish off Bob's cabbage.  I have fruit now again and I still have cookies for dessert.

Bob came over for awhile last evening and while he was here, I opened the butter brickle ice cream and we had a small bowl.  Later, I paid for mine with indigestion.  I have never been troubled with indigestion before. This is something new. Probably, it's due to the mileage. I got up in the middle of the night and took two Tums and that took care of it. I slept well and when I got up and dressed I started the laundry. It's in the dryer now.

Today, as I said earlier, I will clean the apartment and also remake the bed. Sometime this morning I need to take a PSA to the radio station about the Martin Luther King service next Sunday afternoon. I have already sent it to all the newspapers.  The Reporter used it yesterday. The Journal doesn't print until Wednesday. The Good News comes out Wednesday too. The Chronicle comes out on Thursday. So, hopefully, I have covered it.

Bob has a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 3:30 with Dr. Merlie, his heart doctor.  He wants me to go along and help him with his paperwork. He has essential tremor and has problems trying to fill out paperwork.

More later....

I found this photo of my "great" granddaughter, Maia, with one of Speck's pups. These are a cross between a Corgi and a rat terrier crossed with a Jack Russell. They are also so cute.

Then next there's Cheyenne and Maia with  Mini's pups.

Now's who's the cutest? This is Cheyenne.

I took the PSA up to the radio station just now and stopped by the market to buy the pork cutlets.  So..for sure..that's what we'll have for lunch/dinner. At the radio station, I met one of Leslie's friends from the Relay for Life.  Her name was Janice and she was one of the salespeople there at KGGF where I used to work. She seemed nice!

So it's not quite 9:00 AM and I've cleaned the apartment, changed my bed, done two loads of laundry, been to the market and taken the PSA up to the radio station.,  I'm ready to rest now.  In a couple of hours, I will start lunch/dinner.

More even later...

We had lunch/dinner and it was fine. I sent the remaining meat home with Bob and also the remaining coffee cake.

He will meet Dennis at 1:00 and take him to check out car insurance. Dennis' has expired.  He's still looking for a job and so Bob will pay for it. He may just sign up for three month..hoping Dennis will have a job by then. 

He will come by about 3:00 to pick me up and I will go to the doctor with him to help fill out the paperwork they always want.

I have my cake in the oven right now. It will come out in a little while and then I will let it cool so I can frost it later.  Phyllis brought me hers this morning and I don't know whether Karan has remembered of not. Marilyn R., my neighbor, was also going to bring me one. Bob will frost his in the morning. I will take them up myself. Bob is still fighting his cold.  I will then stop and get my hair shampooed before coming on home.

More later...

I went to the doctor with Bob this afternoon and everything seemed to be fine. They did an EKG and it was fine. His blood pressure was 175/72 in both arms. It may have been white coat syndrome. It is usually much lower.

He will come over later to watch the news here. He will probably go home at 7:00. He usually does.

He did come over to watch the news. He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and sat with Missy for a couple of hours. 

Then I went to bed.

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