Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday and The Breakfast Club

I will meet the girls and Bobby for breakfast this morning. Marilyn can no longer come. She will be volunteering Thursday mornings at the gift shop at the hospital. She would like to change the Breakfast Club day to Tuesday but my hair appointment is Tuesdays and I also deliver the cakes to the First Christian Church there on Tuesdays. So I don't know how this will work out.

I slept well again last night and only woke up 11:20 PM.  I got up at 5:15 AM.

I won four times at Bingo yesterday afternoon and got two oven mitts and a dish towel as prizes, along with a crosswords puzzle book.

I don't have a plan for today. Bob wants to drive up to Cherryvale for lunch at Just Us. We don't know whether they are open again now or not. Jim had pneumonia the last time we went up there and the restaurant was closed. He says if it's closed, we will go on to Independence to Great China.  So that's the plan so far.

I will take the rest of my sloppy joe meat and the cabbage to Bobby and Karan this morning. I gave some to Marilyn R and also Bob last evening. It was good but we won't want to eat it again tomorrow.  I will probably fix chicken tomorrow. I need to get it into the frig and out of the freezer. I will have potatoes and a veggie with it. I will have Bob bring a salad for that.

The Journal messed up my article about the Martin Luther King service and I'm not surprised.  I sent it in four different times since I couldn't get the committee members to get all the information together earlier that evening and I improvised with the information I had in my notes from the meeting. The Good News got it right and the Chronicle also got it right. The Reporter did just what the Journal did and used the first draft I sent....which was not altogether correct.  The Journal will use another revision again on Saturday.  My committee members did not get all my their information that Friday evening that I composed it and sent it off.  I knew if I wanted it in the Sunday Reporter, they had to get that information on Friday evening. I should have just skipped the Sunday Reporter and had it put in later in the week. My mistake!

More later...

I went to the breakfast Club and it looks like the others don't want to change days either. So I won't ask Kathy to change my hair day. We will just have to get along without Marilyn.  Mona must have had a class to teach early too because she wasn't there. It was just Bobby and Karan and Joyce and me. The group is shrinking.

Bob will be by in about thirty minutes. We will go over to Cherryvale to see if Just Us is open again. If they aren't, we will drive on to Independence to Great China! I'm doing a lot of eating today.  This had better be the food for the rest of the day. :)

We did eat at great China! Just Us is not open yet. Jim is at home but still recuperating.

Bob just dropped me off so I guess I will read this afternoon. I bought David McCullough's new book on the Wright Brothers and am reading it on my Kindle.

More later...

They have started the second story of my younger son's new home.

Here's another scene of it.

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