Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday and the New Year

I slept poorly last night. It started out fine..... until midnight.  Then some idiots starting setting off fireworks and shooting guns off to celebrate the New Year. I almost never got back to sleep. Finally at 2:15 I got up and read awhile. Then I took a Melatonin tablet and finally got back to sleep and slept until 6:00 AM.

I will fix chicken and noodles for lunch/dinner today. We will have applesauce with it and a veggie. I have some fruit for dessert. I hope to feel up to baking cookies sometime today. We are currently completely out of cookies.

It's 24 degrees this morning. Brrr. It's supposed to get up to the 40s tomorrow with sunshine and then later in the week it will be in the 50s. How strange the weather is this year. Thanks to El Nino.  

I finally got out to John's yesterday afternoon and picked up my meat. We also went out and looked at the puppies and Mini and Speck.  The puppies will be five weeks old tomorrow and are so cute. The Corgis are darling. They are now eating solid food to supplement their mother's milk.  The half  breeds that belong to Speck are also cute. They are smaller and a week and a day younger.  But, let's face it. All puppies are darling.

When I got back in town, I stopped at the bank and made my rent payment.

Keith called yesterday while I was at the bank and I had a nice conversation with him. Homeland Security had sent their employees home an hour early so he was on his way home when he called... hands free.

More later....

Bob came over awhile ago. I was looking for noodles and all I found was macaroni. Bob volunteered to go over to Country Mart and buy frozen noodles. He also picked up a spice I couldn't find when I was over there. Now I am almost ready to begin lunch/dinner.

I am in the process of defragging his notebook. It is terribly slow. It says it defrags weekly but I know it doesn't because he keeps it in it's case all week and only comes over to use it about once a week. So after about twenty minutes, it's 3% defragged. It will probably take all day for it to finish at that rate but hopefully it will run faster when it's finished.


Sister--Three said...

This will sound morbid to many but my wish is Margie
that we can have you longer. Oh, what a selfish one
I am...when I clicked on your link today I said a
little prayer for you to stay healthy and able
longer....I was only thinking of myself, faraway

Hope good things come your way in 2016 and I can
read about them. I want more sermons and more
political views. I want more of who you are!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Sister--Three. That's so sweet of you! So far I am amazingly healthy for 80!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

you are so right about puppies...I am in love with the one that my middle son got! :)