Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday and Computer Problems

I'm amazed I slept at all last night..but I did. I spent the afternoon defragging Bob's computer. After It had finished, I downloaded the newest Mozella Firefox browser.  Everything was working fine. It was working as fast as mine. We went in to watch the news, and while there, the entire thing crashed. I spent the next couple of hours trying to get it back up. I got everything going except his mail. It seems to have disappeared altogether. Computers!

Anyhow, I slept until 4:00 and then just gave up and got up.

More after breakfast...

We did go to breakfast, although with Bob's cold, he probably should have stayed in out of the cold. I'm not his boss though. I picked him up and we went on to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast. Today for lunch/dinner, we will have the leftover chicken and noodles and leftover potatoes and applesauce and Tuscan veggies. I still have fruit for dessert and I should get in there and make cookies too.  I have time. We had such a big breakfast that we will eat later this afternoon.  Initially we had planned to go to Owasso to eat at Olive Garden but he still feels raunchy so we will just stay in Coffeyville and eat leftovers.

I have tried to e-mail Keith to see if he has the time to try to set up Bob's mail again.  But he is evidently out of the house and is not getting his e-mail on his I Phone. I imagine he's trying to have a nice quiet holiday too and that is fine. Bob can use my e-mail and just put "it's your dad" in the subject line.  He now has access to his bank and my blog and that's all he thinks he needs. He does need his own e-mail but until Keith can help me with it, he doesn't have any.

More later..I'd better get on those cookies.   ....

Well, I got the cookies made.  I also warmed up the chicken and noodles  for lunch and sent the little bit of leftovers home with Bob.

I read all afternoon. Later Bob came back over to watch the news. His cold is still bad. He went home about 7:00 to get ready for bed.

Missy and I did the same thing and sat in the recliner until bedtime.

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