Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday and Company for Dinner

Today, I will have company for dinner/lunch. Marilyn L is coming and so is Bob. Of course Bob comes regularly. But Marilyn is a widow too and lonely too so we are asking her to come to lunch today too. I am having chicken tenders, potatoes and broccoli and jello salad.  Then I have cupcakes for dessert.

Bob came over this morning to tell me about his Lion's Club meeting. They had a lawyer from the hospital come and tell them why they needed to extend the 1/2 cent sales tax that will expire in August to help the hospital with their expenses.  This is one of only 8 city owned hospitals in Kansas and it has been inundated with business since Independence's Mercy Hospital closed.  We are the closest hospital to Independence and are getting an awful lot of additional business from that direction.   Unfortunately Medicare is not paying near as much as in the past and since our governor refused additional Medicaid assistance for the poor and also gave big business a  huge tax break in eliminating their tax, he hoped that would draw business to Kansas. Unfortunately that has not worked. and Kansas has been struggling.   Many of the uninsured poor cannot pay their hospital bills so they are having  to write off a lot. The governor and the legislature have even cut education to the bone here in Kansas. What a mess!

It's time to start my dinner so I will get back to this later in the day. ....

The dinner was a success. I took the rest of the chicken over to Bobby and Karan and they will have it for their lunch.

In the afternoon, I drove by to see the house Howard and Judy are looking at buying. It has been completely redone. It only has a one car garage and they need two.  Howard called here for Richard's telephone number and we found he is doing with just a cell phone.  I  called Karan and got his number and called Howard back and gave it to him. I don't think Richard is doing big projects like a garage anymore but maybe he can get Jeff to do it.

Howard and Judy want to move back to Coffeyville. They found they could not afford to live in California. It will be cheaper for them to just fly out from time to time to visit their daughter and granddaughter.  We tried to tell them that before they sold their beautiful home here and moved to California. They had to find out for themselves.

We are planning to have our Living the Questions group Sunday evening at Marilyn's at 6:00. She has fixed chicken chili and we will all take something to add to the dinner.  I will take cheese and crackers.

Bob came over this evening to watch the news and he went home shortly before 7:00. I took my bath and Missy and I watched PBS until 9:00. Then we went to bed.

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