Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday and Exercises

Today is exercise class again and I may go after all. I have my laundry in the dryer and it's just 6:30.

I can't vacuum until later in the morning anyhow because Jeannie, my neighbor, sleeps later. I will do my kitchen and bathroom and bare floors before the class at 9:00.  That's a quiet cleaning.

We will have hamburger pie today for lunch/dinner..with salad. I have chocolate pudding and cookies for dessert.

Family visitation for Bobby's celebration services will be Wednesday between 5:00 and 8:00. The actual service will be Thursday at 1:00. David and I are invited to the family dinner at 11:30 on Thursday. I will miss my ministerial alliance meeting but that's secondary to Bobby's Celebration of Life.

Leslie and I worked on the bulletin last night. It's all ready to be printed off as soon as the funeral home posts the obituary. Then we will copy and paste it into the right hand page of the bulletin.  Leslie is going to print off 100 copies. They have 40 in their congregation. We have 20 and then there are lots of relatives.

I want to get a card today for Karan.

More later...

I got the bathroom and the kitchen cleaned and the floors washed in there. I even have the table set.  Now I'll wait until after lunch to vacuum. That way Jeannie will be up and around...I hope.

I am now washing Missy's afghans. They get cat hair all over them. Every couple of weeks I have to wash them. She's mystified now. She can't figure out where her afghan has gone. She sniffed around at the chair and then got down. Didn't even lie down.

In about 45 minutes I'll pick up Bob for exercise class.

More later...

Exercise class went fine and when I got home I finished my cleaning. Then I started dinner/lunch. That turned out fine too.  I took some of our hamburger pie over to Marilyn R. Afterward, I took Missy outside. She is determined to be outside. I wouldn't care but I'm afraid one of the three "stray" cats in the neighborhood will hurt her.

There's a mystery. I received a report from the Equity Bank this afternoon that they found a mistake on my IRA disbursement and sent me a correction. The problem is...I have no IRA and I have never done any business with Equity Bank except to pay my rent into a trust located there.  It was formerly First Federal Savings and Loan and I never did any business with them either. I called the 800 number and sure enough it had my birthdate on it and also my SSN.  The woman at Equity Bank I spoke to said she would look into it and get back with me. I hope she does.  It's a mystery. Maybe someone is using my information illegally somehow.

More later....

I had another incident with the computer/printer. This time I rebooted the desktop computer and also pulled the plug on the printer and then pushed it back in. Then it printed.  Strange! But it works. I wanted to add the obituary to the bulletin we put together for the Celebration of Bobby's Life.  It printed it off then with just plain paper.

Bob is not coming over this evening. There's nothing worth watching on TV tonight. I will read.


Sister--Three said...

Margie, so glad that Bobby suffers no more and so proud of how Karan cared for him!

Sister--Three said...

Margie, you were a precious friend to both Karan and Bobby.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three. But we are long time friends. She would have done the same for me.