Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday and the Women's Retreat

I got up shortly before 5:00 this morning. I slept well but I had a lot to do. I packed for the weekend and then made up my face and dressed. Then I got Missy's food and treats for her and fixed my little dab of oatmeal and cranberry juice for breakfast so I could take my meds. Then I drained the beans and added the onions, salt and ham. Later this morning I will bake the cornbread. This will leave something for Bob to eat this weekend while I am gone. He likes beans.

I will leave shortly after  lunch. I want to stop at Christopher and Banks and see if they have any new tops. ...not that I need anything new. I'm just so tired of my fall and winter stuff.

Missy suspects I am leaving for the weekend. She watched me pack and she knows the score. It has happened before and she remembers.  Besides that she wants to go outside and we don't go outside until the sun comes up and we can see what's out there under my car. No sense asking for trouble!

I probably won't get to go to exercise class this morning.  Cox Communications is coming by to hang their cable back on the side of the apartment. The wind has caught it and broken the plastic clips that hold it on the building and it is hanging loose. They are to be here between 8:00 and 10:00 and they say I need to be here. Why, I don't know. It's outside.  

More later....

Well the Cox tech  got the cable fixed in fifteen minutes. So I made it to exercise class after all. Afterward Bob and I went for a cup of coffee at Utopia.  He will be over at 11:30 for lunch. Then I ran out to Walmart to get my Chair Latte. I wanted to fill my rack before I leave. At 11:00 I need to get the oven warmed up for my cornbread. Right after lunch, I will leave. I have my car all packed now.

I probably won't get back to this before Sunday. I'm not taking my laptop with me. If I go to reunion (family camp) in July, I will take it then.

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