Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday and Church

It's Sunday again and I am ready for church.

My friend, Bobby M., died yesterday about 11:45. Karan, his wife, called me while Leslie and I were still in Joplin. When we got home, about 5:00, we went by to visit her. We talked briefly about the services for Bobby. His pastor is a pretty new pastor and had completed seminary just a short while ago. He is Korean and this is his first church. He called me and I talked to him later in the day.  The services will be held in his church, Trinity United Methodist Church. I was to help him with it. Karan wants a celebration of Bobby's life instead of a funeral. I then learned that he had never done a funeral service and didn't seem to know how to begin. He wanted me to send him the order of service.  So I did that. I have a feeling I will be more or less in charge. I have done several dozen funerals and celebrations of life over the years so that's not a problem. But David was Bobby's pastor. Karan is to meet with the funeral home today and make arrangements for a day for the services.  The obit is not out yet so it's too early to make a definite plan.

I have had my breakfast and fed Missy. I have read the paper and I am ready for church.

After church we will decide where to eat lunch. We may go back to "Just Us". Bob and Phyllis F and I really like to go there. I can call ahead and reserve a table. I will wait and see what the group wants to do.

More later...

After the service, John and Leslie were going to go to Hong Kong Delight and Phyllis and Bob and I don't care to eat there. So Phyllis took her car home and Bob and I picked her up and we drove to Cherryvale to "Just Us".  That's where we like to eat.

After we ate we came back home and I worked on my newsletters and Leslie and I also worked on the bulletin for Bobby's Celebration of Life service. It is scheduled for  Thursday at 1:00.

This evening I ate my yogurt and then Bob came over to watch the news and 60 Minutes.  After he left I took my bath and I want to watch "Race to the White House". Then Missy and I will go to bed.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend :(

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Deb. He was a jewel..that's for sure!