Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Busy Wednesday

This has been a very busy day! It started 5:00. I worked on the bulletin for Sunday when I preside at church.  I also worked on the PINCH meeting agenda.

I fed myself breakfast and also fed Missy. I never did get the living room vacuumed.

I slept well last night. I took Missy out for awhile as soon as the day got light. Then I brought her back in when I got ready to go to exercises.  Bob picked me up and we went on to exercises. While there, he learned from my daughter, who works with his daughter, that his best friend died this morning. We don't know any of the details yet since they were out at the funeral home when he went to call on them. He bought a card and left it in their door. He will go back later..after things slow down a bit.

Marilyn R, and I began to plan for Wayne's birthday party on Friday. I took a strawberry cake mix to Jeannie, who is going to bake his cake. Wayne will be 96 on Friday.  We will go over there about 2:00 Friday afternoon and take the cake and a card to him. We will all sign the card.

Then I came home and fixed the pork chops for our lunch. We had boiled potatoes and green beans and salad and cupcakes for dessert.

Later in the afternoon I went out to Asbury Village for a Bunco party. While there, Vic called to say Wayne had fallen on Monday evening and was in pain with his arm. Merrill, his son finally got him to go to the hospital emergency room this afternoon. He has broken his shoulder. All they can do is put it in a sling. It's a crack that will have to heal in time. Marilyn called him and Merrill thinks we should go ahead with the party. He thinks it may be good for him.

After that, I went to my PINCH meeting and got home about 6:45, just in time to take my bath and get this done this evening before bedtime. 

I found this latest photo on my son's website.  It's the staircase all stained.

Pretty, isn't it?

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