Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will be by about 7:20 and we will go have breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. That's our Saturday morning routine.

I slept through the night again and awoke rested. Today, if it doesn't rain, I want to get my little miniature rose bush planted.  I don't have anything else on the schedule except to go out to church and print off the bulletin for tomorrow. I would like to go out of town but it will depend on the weather. It's supposed to rain all next week.

I don't know what we will have for lunch. We always have a late lunch when we have a big Saturday morning breakfast. I haven't got that far yet. We may just have a sandwich at Braums. 

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and so I should continue this later....

I have had my Chai and Missy has had her breakfast.  She is wanting to go outside but I want to wait until it warms up a bit.

So more later...

I found this photo on my son's facebook page.

He is the middle one at the bottom row. This was his junior year in high school.

Isn't that a hoot? Look at all that hair all of them sport! They are:

Randy Nitz, Jim Henderson, Chris McGinnis,Keith Lovelace, Danny Daniels, Scott Miller, Doug Romig. My Best Friends! — at Caney Valley High in Caney, Kansas.

This is the latest photo  of the house. The yard is being prepped for a lawn.

Well, I took Missy out on the patio and gave her a good combing. She likes to be combed and always looks a lot better after she's combed.

My neighbor, Maureen, called this morning and asked me to take one of her hummingbird feeders and a large hook to help her feed the orioles.  She has nine feeding at her hummingbird feeders and they quarrel. She thought if I would put one up, she would have less cantankerous fighting over hers. We will see. I put it up but now we will have to see if they come up to mine.

More later....

Bob went to the church with me to print off the bulletins.  Then we went on up to Independence and he bought my lunch at Big Cheese.  He will not be going with me to Independence on Tuesday when I get my hair done. He has the funeral of his good friend, Bill, that morning at graveside here in Coffeyville..

I haven't seen a sign of the orioles.  They must still all be going to Maureen's feeders.

The lawn got mowed this afternoon...thank goodness! he did a better job then he usually does but still far from neat. I took Bob's trimmer out and trimmed the rest of everything he missed.  Bob came over..bringing ice cream. I was still full so I just fixed him a dish. I had a cookie. He left at 7:00 and I tried to access Keith's no avail. I cleaned out my caches on both computers but still could not access the website.  I don't know what the problem is since he can access it even with his phone.
Oh well, maybe he can figure it out.  It's late and I'm going to bed.

I will have a big day tomorrow. Bob and I will be hosting our guest speaker for dinner and afterward I always do my congregational newsletters. Leslie forgot to tell me I would also need to go by the skating rink to pay for the youth skating party at 2:00. She and John have gone camping this weekend. Then tomorrow evening I pick up Gary at 6:40 for Living the Questions group at Marilyn L's at 7:00.


ChuckFu said...

Mom can you get to

Margie's Musings said...

Nope! It takes me to a Windows Server site.

Sister--Three said...

Love the house. I'd say a dream home!

Margie's Musings said...

I agree, Sister-Three. It will be lovely when finished!