Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday and Resting

This will be a more laid back day. I slept well and dressed and got myself ready for the day and I have fed myself and Missy.  I am having my coffee and chia latte and am going to get this blog started.

I have nothing going today except to fix the stew we are having for lunch. The meat is already thawed this morning. I will do it in the slow cooker.

I want to get the living room vacuumed too today and that should not take long. I also have a birthday card and two "get well" cards to send off. I need to buy the "get well" cards. I also want to go out to church and print off the bulletins and get that done before Sunday. I am presiding on Sunday. We will have three gone on Sunday.  My daughter and son-in-law are going camping in their new camper.  John loves to fish. Leslie can just use the rest. She has such a demanding job.

In a couple of weeks, on June 4th, Leslie and I will be leaving for  Independence, Missouri, for our church's world conference. We are both delegates. It is a week long event. I have not missed one in years. I have been a delegate every time but one. Once, years ago, I went as a visitor.  Bob will take care of Missy while I am gone.

More later....

Well, I went to the market again this morning to get four things including some biscuits for the stew we are having for lunch.  I will take some of it to Marilyn R. who lives across the way in this fourplex. She has been sick with her allergies for two weeks. It sounds more like bronchitis to me but she insists it's allergies.

I got three "get well" cards in the mail and one birthday card. The birthday card is from our congregation for the husband of one of our members.

I also got the living room vacuumed at last. Tomorrow I will do a small load of laundry. I did my large load on Monday.

This afternoon, after lunch, I will go over to the antique mall and look around. I am looking for another oval Pyrex dish for my meatloaf.  I sent some food in it to a friend and she evidently forgot to bring it back and I really don't want to embarrass her by asking her about it.

Missy has been a "pill" today. She is determined she wants to go out and it's too chilly for me out there today. Besides, I took her out for about twenty minutes earlier and she did not want to come back in when I needed to go in. She hissed and spit at me when I insisted. That, of course, made me determined not to take her back out until it's my idea.

More even later...

It rained this afternoon so I stayed in. I got the paper shortly after 4:00 and read it. Bob is here now and he is reading the paper too.  There's nothing on TV to watch this evening so he probably will not stay.  He came earlier this afternoon and did a couple of small loads of laundry.

More later...

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