Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday and Rain

It's raining again this morning. In fact, we have rain forecast for all next week and the weather has changed. It's warming along with the storms and that means violent weather. ...perhaps hail or even tornadoes. It's Kansas...let's face it.

I slept wonderfully last night....completely through the night without waking up once.  I got up shortly after 5:00.

Missy is giving me a hard time this morning..wanting to go outside. She loves the outside but I never take her out in the dark.  Maybe after it gets light I can take her out for awhile before Bob comes to take me to exercises.  It will have to be under the carport since it is raining again.

I've had my oatmeal and trimmed and re-arranged my roses that Leslie gave me for Mother's Day. Amazingly, they are still alive.  It's been awhile since Mother's Day. The miniature rose bush Scott and Ginger sent me can be planted as soon as the rains subsist.  I want to put it in my raised flowerbed  when I am able. I had a lovely one over on Catalina when I had my own home and I really missed the beautiful little bush when I moved here. It bloomed constantly and was lovely. I hope the new one can live and flourish like that other one.

Today is Wayne's 96th birthday. (Wayne is our former landlord. He lives two doors over to the west.) Those of us in the fourplex are going over to his house at 2:00 to take him a strawberry birthday cake and a card from the three of us. His son, Merrill, will be there too. The apartment where Bob lived is vacant right now but there is an older couple moving in there the first of the month.  I hope they are better renters then the last ones. 

We will have our stew again today for lunch. It turned out pretty good and we have enough for another lunch. I will cut the biscuits in two, butter them, and brown them in the skillet.  I still have the last two cupcakes for dessert.

My son. Keith, called me last night and talked quite awhile.  I always enjoy visiting with him. I also heard from Scott and Ginger. They received the duplicate marriage licenses I sent them on Monday. I'm glad they got there so quickly. Now they need to put them in a safe place.

More later....

We had our stew for lunch and it was good. We finished it and the cupcakes up.  Afternoon, in the middle of the afternoon, we went to take the cake and the card to Wayne. His niece and her husband, Jim, were there from Colorado Springs and his daughter was also there.  Merrill was mowing and didn't come over.

Scott called when I took Missy outside and we talked nearly an hour.  It had been awhile since we had had a good visit. I had to charge my phone when he hung up. 

Bob came back this evening and we watched the news, Brooks and Shields, and then after an episode of Big Bang Theory, Bob left. I took my bath and Missy andI watched Jazz on PBS.

About 9:30, we went to bed. 

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