Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday and Church

I awoke coughing again this morning shortly before 5:00. My cough syrup had worn off. I seldom cough after I get up. It's lying down that does it, I guess.

I never did get to the market yesterday to get my list of stuff so I didn't have my coffeecake mix to bake. Bob is going to bake his pumpkin bread instead. I will do two in a row myself the next two weeks.

I only heard from Gary last night. He is not interested in our Living the Questions group meeting on Father's Day and it is Father's Day. I don't blame him. He is a divorced dad and his kids are pretty good at keeping in touch with him. Marilyn has gone to Washington State to visit her daughter and grandchildren. That leaves just Bob, Karan, Joyce and me unless Mona and Richard come and I haven't heard from Mona either.  In fact, I haven't heard from Joyce either. Evidently no one marks their calendars when we schedule these meetings.  So they have to be reminded. Personally, I'm about ready to give them up.

I brought Missy out just as soon as it got light. She loves being outside when it's cool and it's not bad this morning.  I have sat here and read the newspaper and I also did the crossword puzzle.

More later....

I stayed out with Missy a couple of hours and then it came time to leave for church so I took her in.

Church was good. We had more of a group then I imagined. The sermon was good too. Afterward we took our two guests and Bob, Phyllis, Karan and I drove over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" for lunch.

Afterward, I came home and went to Walmart for some groceries. Then I made up my cherry pie cake and let it cool.   I was totally exhausted by then.

At 7:00, Joyce and Karan came and Bob was already there reading the newspaper. About 7:20, we finally got started on the video and afterward discussed it some. Joyce broke some news for us and Karan and she discussed their journey. They both lost their husbands. Joyce lost Keith a year and a half ago and, of course, Karan just lost Bobby two months ago.

After everyone left, I took my bath and went to bed. I still have this racking cough now and then and between it and the heat, I was worn out.

Karan will have the next group meeting in two weeks on the 3rd.

I speak at church on Sunday so I will have to find some time to work up a sermon on the theme "Discipleship is Demanding".

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