Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday and Game Day

It's game day at the senior center this afternoon. I haven't gone back to exercise class yet and probably won't until the cough is completely gone but I will go to game day. By afternoon, it is gone until evening. 

I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. Then I got up and around and finally had my breakfast of  greek yogurt and granola. I had a cup of coffee and a cup of chai latte too.  I brought Missy out on the carport and watered my flowers and the tomato plant after that.  She loves being out. After I finished my breakfast I brought the laptop out here to blog.

When I came out I noticed the bird feeder was on the ground and the seed was on the ground too. It  had the cord pulled out and the top had come apart and that made it fall to the ground.  I put it back together again (this is the second time that's happened) and used the pliers to mash the brads that hold the cord tighter. If it happens again, I will buy a new bird feeder. I saw several finches eating and a beautiful red cardinal too.

I will put together my meatloaf for lunch after awhile and then bake my lemon bars if we are to bring treats today. If it's Bingo Day, Asbury Village, the retirement village who run the Bingo games, provide the treats and the prizes. I will have to ask Marilyn later after she gets up. She is a night owl. I am an early morning person.

We will have the meatloaf and some microwave baked potatoes and a veggie and Bob will bring coleslaw too. I think I have some fruit for dessert. I know I still have John and Leslie's peaches and I could fix them.  I may do that.  But I will have to wait until Missy is ready to go back in.

More later....

Well, we came back in and I got the meatloaf ready to go and the baked potatoes and have laid out the dish for the veggie and set the table. Then I made lemon bars for game day.

After that I came into the den and downloaded a site to watch the professor at Yale, Dale Martin, discuss the Introduction of his New Testament course. I have that entire course saved on my computer and it is on u-tube. I will watch an episode every afternoon until I get through the course.  But now it is time to begin putting together lunch.

So more later....

Lunch was good and afterward I took the directories to Karan at game day.  She has a sewing machine and can stitch them up. We had a good time and I got home about 3:30...after we put the tables away.

I've worked the crossword puzzle in yesterday's Reporter and will take it over to Marilyn R's.  Then I will watch another of those classes on the New Testament.

More even later....

Bob came over at 5:30 to watch the news and  he left at 7:00. I took my bath and put my PJs on and sat with Missy and watched "Nature". I will try to stay up until 9:00.

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