Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Morning and Breakfast Out

It's another cool breezy morning out here on the carport.  Missy and I are really enjoying it.  This is more like June.  July will be here soon enough.

I slept well again. The cough is better but still with me.  But the cough medicine helps me sleep. I had a cup of Chai this morning but will wait until breakfast to have my coffee. Bob and I go out to Sirloin Stockade for their breakfast. They have an omelet bar and I usually get an omelet.  He gets the buffet. Then we eat a very late lunch or just have leftovers at our respective apartments.

Last evening he got in late from Independence where he had his oil changed on his car at the Toyota dealership.  He didn't take time to eat anything. I offered him my sweet and sour chicken that I had left from Tuesday at Great China and warmed it up in the microwave.   H had that and a coke and I also had some of that cherry pie cake dessert and he finished that off too. We watched the CBS news and then the PBS news and Brooks and Shields. We both enjoy their commentary.

I brought Missy's little white mat out to the carport and she is lying on it enjoying the breeze and the sound of the birds. She simply loves being outside in the early morning and I drink my Chai out here and also the laptop so I can blog. She is behaving far. I have watered the potted plants and then went out on the patio where I have the hose and watered the tomato plant and the flowerbeds out there and swept off the doormat there. I had another tomato off the plant. That makes four now. Today I will peel and slice the peaches John and Leslie brought me at church last Sunday. That may be all I have for lunch although I do still have the sandwich I bought at Arby's on Thursday. I may eat that too.

More later....

Bob and I had breakfast at Sirloin Stockade this morning and then an hour later, he came by and we went to Bartlesville.  I had intended to buy my mascara there at Merle Norman but their store had closed. We walked around the mall and then just came back home. We did buy some jelly bellies but that's all we bought.

I will have to get my Merle Norman mascara at Independence on Tuesday.

It's a little after noon now and I will read. I have been into this book for at least a week now and then and are halfway through it.

So more even later...

This is my son and daughter-in-law's dog and cat.

Poor Chloe, she needs her own bed! This one is obviously Eddie's.

Bob came over this afternoon and did a small load of laundry. He stayed and watched the news. I read the third volume of our church history. I found it especially interesting because I have lived through these issues. Mark did a wonderful job on the history of our church. 

After finishing the book, and watching TV with Missy for an hour or so, we went to bed.

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