Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday and an Eye Appointment

I have an eye appointment in Caney this morning with Dr. Burch.  I may drive on down to Bartlesville to have lunch with Myra if she's free. Bob is on his own for lunch. I sent him home yesterday with some meatloaf and if he wants to, he can make a sandwich with it. I hope to hear back from her before I leave for Caney.

I slept well last night and got up around 5:00 AM.  I've dressed and fed myself and Missy and come outside to water my flowers and the tomato plant. They are struggling in this 99 degree daytime heat. It's nice this morning with a light breeze. I haven't had the TV weather on so I don't know what the temp  is this morning.

Scott, my younger son called a little while ago and filled me in on the progress of the unpacking and arrangement of the new home. It was good to hear from him. The boys are really good about staying in touch. Actually I see Leslie at church every weekend but I just don't socialize with them. They are so busy they really have no time to socialize much anyhow. They have the girls this week anyhow while Jeromy and Marlene are in Michigan. I don't know what they do with them when they are at work. Maybe Alberta, John's sister, takes them.

Missy disappeared while I was working on the blog. I found her on the west side of Marilyn's apartment. I picked her up and carried her back home. She hates to be picked up. Now she is lying here on her mat at my feet...behaving herself again. For how long, who knows?

More later....

I had my eye exam and got a new contact for my right eye. It's the latest bifocal and I like it very well. I will ask them to order that brand since it's the same price as the old ones.

Myra had an appointment for a massage and really wanted to keep it so lunch will have to be another day. I came on back home.  I guess I won't be cooking today. Bob texted me he was on his way to Quality Toyota in Independence. He must have some sort of a problem. He said he would tell me about it later.

I want to get out to Walmart and get my groceries so I'll continue this later.

I got my groceries and then after I put them away, I picked up Bob and we went to Arby's for lunch.  I couldn't think of a thing to cook. We just each had a sandwich. I still have the other half of my sweet and sour chicken from Tuesday's lunch in Independence.

I finally cleaned the apartment and did the floors today. Then all afternoon I read my Reader's Digest and when Bob came over at 5:30, I gave it to him.  He left at 7:00 and I did my bath and watched some TV with Missy until bedtime.

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Jennifer Bell said...

I just turned 50 and, like clockwork, my eyesight took a huge drop. I didn't even know that they made the contacts in a bifocal; I would have tried them on years ago if I did. I wonder how long it would take before you can get used to having two lenses on your eye all day.