Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday and Lunch at Karan's Home

We all had a lot of food left after the basket dinner yesterday. I took mine to Bob's daughter's thinking she could probably use it. I had a lot of my goulash left and he had his burritos. We gave the salad Bob had to Karan and she is having Marilyn and Bob and me over for dinner to help to use up the large roast and potatoes she had left. She also had a lot of brownies so they will be a part of our dessert.

Tomorrow, Bob and I will eat at Great China after my hair appointment.  So that means I won't be cooking again until Wednesday when I plan to have a tuna dish of some kind....probably the patties since I also have some leftover potatoes that I can fry to have with the tuna patties. I will probably have broccoli as a veggie. He will bring a salad. I now have cookies again so we will have fruit with those.

Tomorrow evening I have the invocation at the city commission meeting and perhaps the PINCH meeting on Wednesday evening. Wednesday afternoon we Bunco at Asbury Village and I plan to attend. That's always fun.

More later....

Exercise class went well and afterward we went to Karan's for her lunch. It was very good. We stayed until 2:00 and visited with Karan.  It was a good afternoon.

More even later...

We had a good meal and a good visit at Karan's this afternoon. We left about 2:00 this afternoon and I came back home to pick up my mail and read. 

Bob came over about 5:30 and watched the news and left about 7:00. I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner until about 8:30 when shortly after I went to bed.

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It's always good to have some leftovers especially in this hot weather where one doesn't want to cook as much :)