Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will be by shortly to take us to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast.  It rained last night but Missy and I went outside for about 45 minutes anyhow. That little cat that looks like her was across the street but I shooed him off.

More later...I think Bob is here.

We did go to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast and I am full! We will not have a lunch today. When we have a Sirloin Stockade breakfast, it lasts quite awhile.

I'm not sure what  I will do today. Everything is caught up here at home.

More later...

Well, after breakfast, I went to the church to run off copies of the lesson material for tomorrow.  The back packs were still there...a week after the school started. On the way out there, I noticed one of my tires was low so I stopped at Casey's and aired it up.

When I got back. I read for awhile and then I went out to Walmart to pick up a few things I badly needed. Then I brought my groceries home and put them away and went back to town to Dollar Tire to have them check out my tire.  Just as I pulled in, they closed. So I'll have to do that on Monday. I must have a slow leak. I had aired it up just last Saturday.

I then went out to the Woodshed and bought gasoline. It was $1.94 there and $1.99 here in town. I stopped at Country Mart and bought chicken tenders and at Braum's and bought milk.

By the time I got home and put everything away, Bob came in and watched the news with me. I had a coupon for a free roast beef sandwich from Arby's with the purchase of a small drink that was going to expire today. Bob had already eaten something so he just bought a drink and watched me eat.

He left to go home at 6:00 and I will soon take my bath and sit with Missy to find something to watch on TV...if I can.  

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