Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

This is the "free day" that I have in the week to do my housework. I have already stripped my bed and in the doing, managed to get myself in a bind. I tried to turn my mattress this morning and forgot about the bed skirt. Now I just took the mattress off the bed and stood it on it's side against the dresser until later when I can ask Bob to come over and help me turn it around without tearing off the bed skirt. Old age is not for sissies.

I will take Missy out after breakfast and let her enjoy the outside for awhile. Then I will come back in and continue the cleaning. The bedding is in the dryer already and it's just 6:00.

I will clean the kitchen and bathroom first. Then later, after lunch, I will vacuum and dust.

I will fix chicken tenders for lunch with potatoes and gravy and mixed broccoli and cauliflower.  Bob will provide the salad and I have mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.

Tomorrow, we are going to Bartlesville to eat at Dink's. It's been awhile since we've been there. I always enjoy a break from cooking. 

Now, I'd better go get Missy's and my breakfast started. Missy has been very patient so far.

More later...

Well, we've been out on the carport for an hour so far. I have had to chase Missy home once already.  But so far, she's doing fine. I did get the kitchen floor mopped before we came out. I still need to do the bathroom. I have also notified Bob that I will need his help this morning....although I haven't told him why yet.

He will be over after he gets around. I also want to try to tape his bumper again where he ran into a low curb and tore it. The gorilla tape I put on it last spring was beginning to come loose and he had evidently hit another low curb and some of the back part of the bumper was hanging underneath  and was torn loose so I cut that off. It couldn't be taped.

More later...

Bob came over later this morning and helped me turn the mattress. Then I went out and re-taped the bumper tear with Gorilla tape. It should hold fine if he doesn't hit another curb.

I called him after I finished my cleaning and suggested we go to Bartlesville today instead of tomorrow. Tomorrow we are forecast for a 60% chance of rain.  We may not get it but today is beautiful and I suggested we take advantage of that. We can have our chicken tomorrow. So we did.

After a fine lunch, we walked all around the mall. Then we came back home. I will vacuum my bedroom and dust it now and later he will come back to watch the news. At least he usually does that.

I put the table I was going to paint out front and called Waste Connections to pick it up tomorrow. I really don't have room for it and besides, it's in bad shape. While we were in Bartlesville, someone picked it up. So I canceled the pickup from Waste Connections.

I went to the library and donated my empty ink cartridges. They can get $4.00 each for them. While there, I saw Cindy and Adrian. It was good to them but especially Adrian again. He was especially nice to me when I worked there.

I stopped by Orchelan's and bought some more hummingbird feed.  I washed up the feeders and filled them and the  hummingbirds came by immediately.

Bob did come over shortly after 5:00, read the paper and watched the news here.  He went home at 7:00. There was really nothing of interest on TV. What a shame to pay so much for so little actually entertainment.  The Big Bang Theory has disintegrated into just another comedy that is no longer very funny.   They must have changed writers this season.

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