Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

This is one day I have nothing else going and so I will clean the apartment. Missy is patiently waiting right now for her breakfast and I will need to eat mine too before taking her out on the carport.  I will work on this after I get out there and after I water my flowers.

More later ...

I've had my breakfast and fed Missy as well. I've watered my flowers and chased Missy down once already.  She is lying here at my feet on her little mat now. ...behaving herself for I don't know how long.

I had a text from my friend, Myra, this morning. Yesterday her computer was hacked and I recognized it at once because the e-mail I got from her was signed "Bob". Her Bob died right after my Bob died in 2010. I called her and referred her to to her ISP. Now she has found that her e-mail is frozen too and she has no other way to communicate except her smart phone.  I asked her by text if her ISP was able to do anything and she has not answered me. What a mess! She doesn't really need that kind of grief.

In a little while I will put the roast on to cook in my slow cooker. We eat at 11:30 and that and the veggies should be done by then. Bob will bring a salad or coleslaw.  We have the rest of the pie for dessert.

More's 7:30 now. We just got out here a half hour ago. I slept so late....

Bob came over here awhile ago and visited about the Interstate Fair and Rodeo. Then he left to go home and shave.

Keith called while I was in the house putting the roast on in the slow cooker. I called him back since I missed his call and we talked for several minutes.

Finally Missy was ready to go in and I got my house work and laundry finished. Bob brought Denise over to see the PDF file of Tony and Diana's house. Bob did his laundry while we went through the photos. Bob came back at 11:30 and we had lunch. It was good. We had roast beef, potatoes and carrots and his salad. Then we ate the last two pieces of Karan's blueberry pie. Bob picked up his laundry and went home.

More later...

I vacuumed the apartment  and now all I need to do is dust. Maybe I will get that done tomorrow. I read the rest of the afternoon. Bob came back over shortly after 5:00 for the news and went home at 6:00 since there was nothing on TV we either one were interested in.

I was working on the bulletin for Sunday again and Billie Jo called to tell me her sister, Jody, had died today. I worked with Jody in the FAST program in Independence when I was administering it. She was the receptionist there. She was 4 months older than I am. I really liked her and was sad to hear of her passing.

I went to bed at 10:30...later then usual.

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Gert said...

Well your day sounded busy...even though you had no plans...ha! I'm going to make a crockpot inner tomorrow also, if this cold doesn't get worse!