Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises and Game Day

This will be a big day.

I slept well last night and got up at 4:45...close enough to 5:00.

I will get breakfast for Missy and myself and then get my casserole dish ready this morning before exercise class and ready to go into the oven at 10:30. Karan will be over for dinner. I invited Marilyn too but she and Beverly from exercise class are in charge of game day at 1:00 and she was afraid she would run too late. Marilyn is a lot better after being sick for several days. She said she was 99% back to herself and was no longer queezy.

I am still sore in the shoulder and will have to be careful at the exercise class not to make it worse.  

Missy will have to wait to go outside. That will not make her a happy kitty. I am dressed and ready for the day.

More later....

I have fixed both our breakfasts and we have both eaten.I also fixed the ham and potato casserole and it's all ready to go into the oven at 10:15. It will bake for an hour and then I will uncover it and bake it another 15 minutes. That will give me the opportunity to fix the veggie. I already have the strawberries fixed. I did that last evening.  Bob is bringing coleslaw. We will eat at 11:30 as usual and Karan and I will go to game day at 1:00.

It will be another busy day alright.

I heard from my eldest son, Keith this morning. He and Esther will not be coming to Florida and John and Leslie and I are down there.  Esther has a relative coming in a five hour drive away and they will go in the opposite direction to pick him up. I hate it that I won't see them too but they did both come for my 80th birthday surprise celebration last December.  And Keith is very good at staying in touch with me. That's just one of the problems with my boys being so far away.

More later....

Exercises went well and I got home in time to heat up the oven and  put the casserole in it. It was finished just in time to pout the veggies in and pour the tea. We had a good lunch. Afterward, Karan and I went back to the senior center for game day.  It was great fun and we had lots of good snacks.

I finished my book this afternoon after I got home from game day. The Reporter should be here anytime.  

The paper came and soon after, Bob came too. he ate some more of Karan's watermelon. I was full after the treats at game day. After Bob left at 7:00, I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00.

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