Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday and Gay Comes

I slept poorly last night. I guess I was anticipating Gay's coming this evening. Anyhow, I got up at 5:00 as usual. Scott texted me this morning that the package I sent him finally arrived. That took awhile.

I have the sheets and laundry ready to go when it's a little later. I don't want to disturb Jeannie in the apartment next door. I will wait an hour to start the laundry.

Missy is lying here on the floor next to the desk patiently waiting for her breakfast. I am ready for mine too. I will pick up Bob this morning at 8:15 and we will go try to get our flu shorts before exercise class. After the class, I want to go by Utopia and see if they have cinnamon rolls today. If not, I will just have one of their Utopiacheno drinks.

I will not eat lunch today since I will be eating dinner at Gay's class reunion this evening. The class is meeting at the First Southern Baptist church for some sort of catered Bar B Q. I hope that sets alright with my system. I generally don't eat anything that spicy late in the evening.  I have plenty of Tums though so I will take a chance. Usually I just have yogurt for supper. Although Bob and I finished off the ice cream this week.

Bob and I ate out at Eggbert's this noon and had their chicken fried steak. It was terrible. I left most of mine. They are a good place for breakfast but terrible for lunch. 

More later...

Bob came over after 5:00 and stayed until Gay came at 6:16. Then she and I went on to her class reunion dinner. we had a good time...especially her. She had not been to one in awhile and she was glad to get to see everyone who showed.

We got home about 9:00 and went to bed about 10:00. She was exhausted and so was I. I slept on the daybed trundle and Missy slept with me. Gay slept in my bed. 

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