Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday and a Hair Appointment

Amazingly, I slept pretty well last night and even more amazingly...my arm did not hurt. I awoke a couple of times to go to the bathroom and once because Missy scooted me out of bed. What a cat!

I got up shortly before 5:00. Gay, my long time friend who has her 60th class reunion this weekend called again last evening to say she had found a caregiver to stay with her mother from 5:30 on Friday until noon on Saturday. She asked me if  I would change my weekend plan again.  Of course, I did. I called my daughter after we hung up and told her I would be staying home and going to Gay's class reunion instead of going to the Conference in Springfield with her. She agreed that was the right thing to do. Gay's mother is 98 and is really slowing down. So Leslie will go alone to Springfield and Gay will stay overnight here with me.  Because I don't sleep well, I will probably sleep on the trundle in the den. Missy will sleep with me as usual. Gay will have my bed.  Saturday morning we will have breakfast with her class at Sirloin Stockade.  Then she will need to leave to get home before noon.

I will pick up Bob this morning at 8:30 to go to Independence to get my hair done and then afterward he will drop me off at Juanita's so I can balance her bank statement. When I am finished with that, he will pick me up and we will go eat at Big Cheese. After that, we will go out to John and Leslie's and I will pick up the meat she is giving me. Then we will come back to Coffeyville. 

Tomorrow I will go to the hospital at 11:30 to do the devotion as their chaplain this week. Afterward, Bob and I may eat out somewhere because it would be too late to cook.

More later...

We went to Independence and Bob went to Betty's. Then I balanced Juanita's checkbook with her bank statement. Afterward we went to lunch at Big Cheese and then out to Leslie's to get the meat. We took the tour around her yard and looked at all her flowers.

Then I took Bob home and went over to Casey's to check my tires. The light on the dash showing a low tire came on this morning. I aired up the tires and then came on home.  The light went off.

I had notified the car wash owner that the soap was not working in his car wash. The man who owns it, called me to say if I would come out, he would give me some tokens to wash my car to repay me. I sat and chatted with him a bit.

More even later...  

Bob came over a little after 5:00 and we watched the CBS news and one episode of a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. Then he went home and I took my bath and Missy and I watched the PBS special on the candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  At 10:30, Missy and I went to bed.

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