Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Again and Exercises

It was a rough night again. My right arm ached most of the night even though I took two Aleve. I don't know how long this will go on. I stayed in bed until 6:00...almost unheard of for me. I am late to get my breakfast and Missy's too so maybe I'd better get back to this later.

More later...

We both had our breakfasts and then Missy wanted to go out. By then it was 7:00 and light out so I took her out for awhile. Bob then came and we went to exercise class. After the class I came back home and got the bulletin ready for next Sunday. I will take it out and print it off after awhile.

I am going to Mission Center Conference with Leslie Friday evening. We will stay over night in a motel and the Conference is on Saturday. It is a two and a half hour drive to Springfield so that's why we are going over the night before. 

I got out my fall decorations this afternoon and got them up for fall. The apartment looks nice now. I took my old sweeper out to the curb and will have the trash people pick it up on Friday. Usually someone come by and takes anything left at the curb before it can be picked up. We will see.

Tomorrow I will get my hair done and then have Bob take me over to Juanita's to balance her bank statement.  He will visit with his sister, Betty, while I'm doing that and then we will go to Big Cheese for lunch.

Then I will take him home and go home myself.

Missy wants to go back outside but I cannot start that or she will drive me crazy wanting to make a habit of it. I just take her out early morning as soon as it gets light. I just took some old boxes out to the trash container and she would have slipped out too if I hadn't been diligent.  She has climbed up behind me here on the daybed.

More later...

I sold another book on Amazon. That's three in the last month. If it continues, I may eventually get rid of all of them. I got to the post office one minute before they closed. So it's in the mail. It won't go out until tomorrow though.

More later...I intend to watch the debate at 8:00 our time.  

There's not much doubt that Trump showed his worst rude side in tonight's debate. Hillary had all the facts right but it was obvious Donald had not prepared. His side of the debate was "all about him". Hers was about the facts. She won this one. 

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