Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday and the Chaplain's Devotional

Today will be busy again. First, I will go to exercise class and then after that, at 11:30, I will go to the hospital to do the devotional for any patients that may show up for it. Then Bob and I will go eat somewhere...probably Eggberts...they have luncheon specials. After that, I will go to game day at the senior center. It will be busy.

I slept well last night. For the second night in a row, the arm did not hurt. I hope I am about through this episode. I am really tired of dealing with it.

I'd better go and get breakfast for Missy and myself. She is patiently waiting for me to finish work on this blog/journal this morning. She is probably out of food.

So, more later....  

Well, I fed myself and Missy and contacted bob about chili for lunch. He was fine with that so I thawed some ground beef and got it going.  I went to the hospital at 11:30 but they informed me they had changed the time for the devotion to 12:30. So I contacted Bob to come have lunch at 11:30 and I would go back to the hospital at 12:30. We ate and then I left for the hospital. The devotion went fine and then I had time to get to game day at the senior center. I played until 3:00, when I came home. While eating the snacks at the senior center, my gold crown came off my six year molar.  I left a message on the machine at the dentist's. They are closed on Wednesdays. I will try to get it cemented back on tomorrow.

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 to read the paper and left at 7:00 after the news and an old episode of The Big Bang Theory. I took my bath and sat with Missy until 8:30 when I convinced her we should just go on to bed. We did watch "Nature"...her favorite program. :).

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