Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday and Exercises

I slept somewhat better last night. The arm did not hurt as bad. I woke up several times but managed to get back to sleep until almost 5:00. Now I'm dressed and ready for the day. I put a small roast  in the slow cooker and that's what we'll have for lunch. I still need to peel some potatoes and go get some carrots  to add.

Missy has been troubling me to go outside and I finally had to give her a swat on the rump to quiet her down.She's subdued now. I don't usually do that. I think the only other time I have swatted her was the last time she bit me. She hasn't bit me since either.

I had quite a texting exchange with Scott last night. He and Ginger want me to come back down to see them. I agreed to go for two weeks in December around Christmas. I will go December 18th and stay until the 30th if that's alright with John and Leslie. They will keep Missy while I'm gone.

Scott wants me to consider coming down there to live with them. I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet. I will wait until Missy is gone and then consider having an auction and getting rid of my furniture and then I will have to go through all my stuff and take much of my older clothing to the Presbyterian church for those who are in need of them. I have a lot of stuff I want to keep. Perhaps Scott could fly up to Tulsa and come drive me and my car down to Florida loaded with my computers and the important stuff from my file cabinet. I would want my car. Yulee is rather a small town and I think I could be satisfied there.

More later...

I went to exercise class  and that worked out pretty well. Afterward, I took Bob home and went home myself to get some work done.

I had put my small roast in the slow cooker before exercise class and it was ready for the potatoes and carrots after the class. After lunch, I sent the leftovers back home with Bob. He will be on his own for lunch on Wednesday while I take Juanita to Bartlesville for the procedure on her eyes.  Then Wednesday night I will go to the PINCH meeting at the Presbyterian church.

I baked my cake for the Christian Church tomorrow and will take the four from Coffeyville up in the morning.

More even later....

I got the bill for my plumbing. It was $419,78. I nearly fainted. The sink was free, thanks for my friend, Cyndi.  But the installation was astronomical.  Live and Learn!

I picked up Phyllis' cake for tomorrow and Karan brought hers over.  Bob will bring his when I pick him up in the morning. 

Bob is here. I'll get back to this later......

Bob stayed until 7:00 and when he left, I took my bath and sat with Missy for awhile before going to bed at 8:30.  


Sister--Three said...

I think it is good to try to make plans for the future.
You still have time. That Scott is a "good boy".

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Sister-Three. I am not ready to move yet but at least I have an option.