Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday and a Huge Day

I slept fairly well last night. At 10:30 I awoke with my arm in pain. I got up and took two Aleve and then was able to get back to sleep. I was awake from time to time but did get some sleep.

This will be a huge day. First I will go to exercise class and then come home to fix lunch. We are having chicken tenders and potatoes and a veggie and Bob will bring his coleslaw. I have pudding and cookies for dessert.

I need to leave at 12:15 to get to Independence to pick up Juanita for our trip to Bartlesville to her doctor. She is going to have injections in her eyes to try to restore some of her vision.

Then I will take her home to Independence and get back to Coffeyville to attend the PINCH meeting at 5:30. I have told Marilyn I would take the agenda to her at exercise class. In case I am late, they can start without me.

More later...

And while I'm posting, take  a look at this.

What a racket! The pharmaceutical companies have a great racket in the USA !

Today was so huge that I never got back to finishing the blog.  I took Juanita to the doctor in Bartlesville and he did the lazor treatment on her right eye.  I never heard whether it helped or not. I imagine she would have called if it had helped.

I got back just in time to attend my PINCH meeting and it ran overtime until 7:00. When I got home I was exhausted and Bob did not come over so I went to bed early.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Prescription medication prices here in the USA are shameful. The prices of asthma inhalers, many of them have been around for several years, are so high. People pay the price, either directly, or through increased insurance costs, or both, even though we are being gouged. I guess being gouged is better than not being able to breathe. But there is no excuse for it. I noticed Hillary Clinton has addressed the prescription medicine issue, but in my opinion, not nearly as much as she should. It seems that most politicians seem to avoid addressing prescription drug costs, deals being made with the pharmaceutical lobbyists must be more important to them. Thanks for the comparison listing of prescription drug prices. I had not seen it before.

Margie's Musings said...

Neither had I so I wanted to post it. I think we ought to be able to order our prescriptions from Canada if they are not going to stop the price gouging. Luckily I only take a blood pressure pill from the $4.00 list and my thyroid pill. It used to be on the $4.00 list but it isn't now.