Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday and Flower Beds

I awoke early again today. I notice I haven't blogged since Tuesday. I was very busy Wednesday and just forgot. The same thing Thursday. I cleaned the apartment in the morning, fixed lunch and then raked and bagged leaves and blew them off the drive and as much of the lawn as I could with Bob's blower. Then I enlarged the east flowerbed and added Miracle Grow and mulch to it. I hope to get to the nursery today and get some flowers that will add some color for the winter. I will put the rest of the Miracle Grow in the flowerbed John made for me and add mulch to it too.

The election was a huge disaster on Tuesday in my opinion. But President Obama is being very gracious about it and so I intend to follow suit, It surely can't be any worse then our President Bush who allowed Cheney to get us into a 16 year war with people who did not destroy the World Trade Center Buildings in New York.  Those were mostly Saudis and we didn't go to war with Saudi Arabia. That was a fiasco we still haven't recovered from.  When Clinton left office we had no debt and we had a huge surplus...enough to fix the infrastructure and also all the roads in American with millions left over. It didn't take long for them to use that for their war. The last six months of his second term, Bush told Cheney he wanted to make the decisions for that last six months. Cheney was so angry he didn't invite the Bush's to his daughter's wedding.

So we don't know what to actually expect from Trump. We will just have to wait to see.

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and I'd better fix mine too. More later....

Well I got our breakfast over with and fixed lunch and then after Bob left, I went to the florist and bought some pansies for my east flowerbed. After I got them planted, I mulched the flowerbed even more and then I put the rest of the Miracle Grow in the flowerbed John made for me and covered it with mulch too. I need to download some photos so I can show you folks what I have been doing this week.  If I get that done, I will post them here.

So more later...

O.K. This is the one I enlarged and filled with Miracle Grow yesterday Today I bought some pansies and planted them, added more Miracle Grow and then mulched them. Of course, I watered them too. Strangely enough, I sent them to the desktop computer but I could not find them there.. I have saved them when they came in the mail. Of well, they should be on this laptop so I'll just add them here.

This is the bed I planted the pansies in. That's the Lavender behind them. That lived through the winter. I hope it does again. That one tall flower is an Impatient that made it through the summer even though the Lavender was hanging all over it. That killed the other Inpatients.

This is the flowerbed I planted in earlier this spring. I took out the spent flowers so it's a little bare. This is the one my son-in-law John built for me after I moved into this apartment. I put the rest of the Miracle Grow in it and mulched it. I have Ginger and Scott's Mother's day miniature roses planted in there with the bulbs Leslie sent me earlier and some red salvia. The white flowers on the left are volunteers that came up from one of my neighbors flowerbeds.   The bulbs Leslie sent me a couple of years ago came up this year again and were just lovely.

My kids are so good to me! They never forget a holiday. I will be spending Thanksgiving with John and Leslie and Christmas with Ginger and Scott. I wish Keith and Esther could be there with us too. But they live in Phoenix.

I took this photo of Missy Kitty yesterday. She was sleep here on the daybed and covered her eyes from the light. That is so cute!

She is doing that again right now here behind me. She is also snoring. What a cat!

More later...

Bob came over this evening to watch PBS with me and Brooks and Shields. After that, at 7:00, he went home.

Then I took my bath and watched TV with Missy in my lap until almost 9:00...then I went to bed. It had been another huge day.


Sister--Three said...

I was a little anxious about you. So glad to hear you have been busy.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

That's quite the bit of yard work you have had going on! :)

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, and I did more, today Deb.