Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday and Exercises and Lunch

I did not sleep well again last night. I think it is my inner clock that is confused about the time. Anyhow, I have a busy day so I need to get around early.

Missy, my cat, is waiting patiently for her breakfast and I am hungry too. All I had last evening while Bob was here was some popcorn. That didn't set too well.

I will pick Bob up for exercise class this morning and afterward meet Gay in Cherryvale for lunch...probably around 1:00 or so. Tony will have his dialysis from 12:00 until 4:00 so she will be free to come have lunch with me.

Later, at 6:30, I have to give the invocation for the city commission meeting. They are about as contentious as the national slate. I hope to pray for peace among their number as they make their decisions for the welfare of our city.  

I saw on the news last night that the FBI found nothing to charge against Clinton. Unfortunately, his untimely announcement a week ago, set her back and she lost numbers. I hope that doesn't cost her the election. She's not the ideal candidate but she certainly is the better of the two. I couldn't bring myself to vote for Trump under any circumstances. To me, he is deplorable.

The e-mail controversy  should not affect Clinton.

 Here's what he reported:
"A State Department spokeswoman says Hillary Clinton did not break any rules by relying solely on her personal email account. Federal law allows government officials to use personal email so long as relevant documents are preserved for history."
The law was amended in late 2014 to require that personal emails be transferred to government servers within 20 days. But that was after Clinton left office. Watchdog groups conceded that she may not have violated the text of the law, but they argue she violated the spirit of it.

Enough politics! Back later with more journaling.....

I drove up to Chanute in the rain to visit Gay and we had a really good visit. She fixed us lunch and her mother even ate a little. Her mother will be 100 next winter. She is barely with us though. Poor thing sleeps in a chair most of the time . I left at 4:00 and got home by 5:00.  Bob came over to watch the news but I had to leave at 6:10 to attend the city commission meeting.

I attended the city commission meeting, gave the invocation and stayed for the entire meeting. When I got home, I took my bath and watched TV with Missy until 9:00 when I went to bed.   

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