Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Later on this morning I will pick up Bob for our breakfast at Eggberts. I don't know what the rest of the day will bring. I have no plans at this time. If it's not windy, I may rake again. The leaves I blew away from the carports and the grass in the middle of the fourplex is back and those leaves end up on our carports. The wind was out of the north and that did it.

I slept fitfully again early this morning. If I wake up to go to the bathroom, I seem to have trouble getting back to sleep. Finally, I just got up. Missy is still in on the bed. It's 4:00 now. I will get back to this later.

I noticed that Missy missed the litter box again for the nth time. I washed the mat under it and the things in the basket too. Then I went on to pick up Bob for breakfast. After breakfast I took him home and later...about 10:30, we left for Bartlesville. It was a beautiful day and we didn't want to waste it. We walked all around the mall and I bought Scott's birthday gift and then we went to McCalister's for a light lunch of a cup of soup and a half sandwich.  Very good!

When we got home I took Missy out for awhile in the sun. She wanted back in to eat something and I had the mail by then and sat down to read the Time magazine....they were rehashing the election. I scanned it but didn't read much. I am sick of the I am sure everyone else is.

I did some calling to learn just how many are coming tomorrow evening to the Living the Questions group here. So far, I have at least 12. I hope I have room for twelve. I actually only have room for 10 and that is tight. I will bring home a couple of folding chairs from church. I'm not sure where I will set them but I'll try to find a place. This is, after all, an apartment.

Marilyn, who has been sick and is getting well by taking IV antibiotics, plans to come, Mona and Richard, Gretchen, Karan, Joyce, Howard and Judy, Bob, Gary, perhaps the other Richard, Patrick, and myself.

I will be making a desert for the dinner after we have church tomorrow and hope to have some of that dessert left. I will use that (if there is any) and make an apple brown Betty too.  I need to get some vanilla ice cream at Braums. I will make peach tea and perhaps we will have some coke and water too if they want anything to drink.

It will be another busy day.

More later...

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 and we watched an old movie. He left at 7:00, as usual and I took a shower and washed my hair.  Then Missy and I watched TV until I simply could not keep my eyes open any longer. Then we went to bed. 

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