Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Huge Sunday

Today will be very full...again.

I slept poorly last night. I got concerned about whether my son-in-law would be able to pick me up on the 20th at 4:30AM  to get me to the airport in Tulsa by 6:00 AM. My plane to Florida takes off at 7:00 AM  and the holiday will make the terminal very crowded and busy. I will have to go through the routine that always slows everything down. The x-rays, etc. Also, I will need $40. to check my large bag and I will need that much coming back too. Flying is such a hassle anymore. I want to take my laptop computer so I can keep track of my bills, etc. I don't know whether they will require me to put that in the overhead storage with my carry on or not. I would like to keep it with me if at all possible. I would be very upset if it were stolen. I don't know if they will let me do that or if it has to be stowed in the overhead storage. I had all this going through my mind and just about never got back to sleep. Then when I finally did fall asleep,  I woke up at 6:00 AM, an hour later then usual.

Then when I got up I fed Missy and myself and then put together my coffeecake for the church school class and then read the newspaper.  When I got the coffeecake out of the oven, I iced it and reached under the sink to get my plastic wrap. It was soaked. I mopped up the water under there and ran the faucet to see where it was leaking. I could not get it to leak there either. I ran the garbage disposer and still could not detect a leak. I left a paper towel under there and put everything back under the sink. I left the box of plastic wrap out because it was soaked.

Now I am ready to go to church. We will try to eat at "Just Us" in Cherryvale again after church. When I get home from that, I will do the congregation's newsletter and later I will pick up Gary at 5:45 to go to Marilyn's for the Living the Questions group meeting. She wants us to have chili and soup at her house this evening. I generally don't eat much of anything in the evening ..especially not chili....before bedtime. I will try her soup and take it easy. Howard and Judy will be there and Karan, Bob, Mona and Richard and I will soon be there with Gary. With Marilyn, that should be nine. Joyce is out of town training for her FEMA work. Richard A. only comes when Gretchen is in town.

Several of our original group, have died. Keith, Joyce's husband died a year ago. Bobby died last spring. Jack died a couple of years ago and my Bob died almost seven years ago. Those deaths  shrunk our group considerably.

More later...

The meal at "Just Us" was good as usual and Cindy and Darrell Crown came to Crossroads and asked to eat with us at "Just Us" so we all five made a reservation for lunch there. Kay saved us a table.

When I got home, I did the congregational newsletters. It was 2:30 before I finished that and got the letters out on the mailbox.

More even later...

I picked up Gary at 5:45 and got to Marilyn's in time to park in the driveway. That is easier for Gary and we don't have to cross the street. Marilyn had the nine she had planned for alright. He soup was good although it was "white chili". I didn't eat much because I usually sleep better if I don't eat much before bedtime.  We had a good session and watched video session number 15. Howard led the discussion. After a time of discussion of the material and our own feelings, we had refreshments. We had eaten dinner before the video session. The meeting broke up about 9:00.

I got home, took my bath and Missy and I went straight to bed. It was another huge day.

This will be a huge week.  Bob has his appointment with Eslicker tomorrow, Tuesday we take cakes to Independence. Wednesday I go out to Leslie and John's to stay with the girls from 11:30 until John gets home from work.   Thursday I have an appointment with a doctor in Bartlesville about my proposed bladder surgery in January, That is at 9:00 and then I come back to Independence to pick up Juanita at noon to take her back to Bartlesville for her appointment with the cardiologist. He will check her pacemaker. Juanita is 95. I will bring her back home to Independence after her appointment and then come home to Coffeyville. It will be too late to go to PINCH so Judy is taking over early. I take the agenda to her this evening.   Friday, I go back out to Leslie and John's once again to stay with the girls until John gets home from work. It will be a huge week. Then the next week on Tuesday the 20th, I leave for Florida for two weeks. 

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