Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Huge Thursday

Today was huge. To begin with, I didn't sleep well last night. Then I left the house at 7:30 to be sure to be able to find the doctor's office in Bartlesville. It's a good thing I did. The address was 500 East 5th Street and after living in Bartlesville for 16 years, I felt sure I could find it but just to be extra sure, I left early. My appointment wasn't until 9:00. It's a 45 minute drive down there. I could not find an address of 500 East 5th. I could find 501 East 5th but that wasn't his office. The building across the street didn't  have a number on the part facing 5th street but that was my only option. So I drove around to the back of it...and guess what...there was the number. 500 East 5th Street but at the door facing the number there was an arrow that said take east door. I walked around the building to the east side and there was the entrance!

Anyhow, I got in ten minutes after my appointment time and by 9:40, I was finished. I had had an exam and the doctor, who I was very impressed with, had examined me and decided I definitely needed the surgery. So I went ahead and scheduled it for January 18th, a Wednesday. The hospital will call me with the exact time but the surgery may be as early as 7:00 AM. I will stay overnight and go home the next day on Thursday the 19th of January. That was the easy part.

Then I drove to Independence, Kansas to pick up Juanita. Juanita is basically blind. So everywhere she goes, she needs an arm to hold on to and to help her with her balance.  We drove back to Bartlesville to her doctor's appointment. I have to stop in the fire lane to help her out of the car and into the foyer where they have a wheelchair. Then after checking in, we went to the basement for them to check out her pacemaker.  She has A-Fib and the only way to keep her heart beating correctly is the pacemaker.  We got the pacemaker checked out and then went back upstairs to see the doctor. Actually she sees a nurse practitioner. Juanita is 95 so they don't have a lot they can do for her.  Finally she saw the NP and after that we left and I went to get the car and help her once again into the vehicle and off we went. She wanted to stop at Sonic and get us milkshakes. When we finally got her home, I helped her into the house. Then I started home myself.

By then it was after 4:00 PM.

I got home at 4:40.

So I am exhausted!

I have taken my bath and will go to bed soon.

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