Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday and "Great" Sitting Again.

Today I will not go to exercise class. I want to clean the apartment before I leave to go stay with Cheyenne again.  I will not have another opportunity to clean it before I leave for Tulsa on Monday. I want to leave it clean. Tomorrow, I will have breakfast with Bob and then I will bake cookies for Leslie's cookie party Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning is the children's Christmas program at church. I hope the children show up. Leeann's children attend erratically. Cheyenne and Maia will undoubtedly be there with John and Leslie.

I was really exhausted last night and went to bed at 8:30. It was a huge day. I was glad to get my surgery scheduled though.

More later...

Change of plans!

Maia is home sick from school with a cough and  Leslie doesn't want me to get whatever it is. So she is staying home from work until Jeromy comes in from their trip and he will pick Cheyenne and her up and Leslie can go to work then.

So I am going on to exercise class. I can clean after I get home.  I want to go to Utopia for cinnamon roll day and a Utopiachina drink today.

After I got home from Utopia and got my bathroom and kitchen floors cleaned, I sat down here to rest a bit. Bob came with the salad so we visited awhile. Missy wants to go outside so badly but it is too cold for her old bones.  I let her out briefly while I swept off the carport from a ton of leaves. Terry, Jeannie's eldest son, came and left his diesel truck motor running. That scared her so Bob let her back in the house.

After Bob left, I finished my cleaning. I vacuumed the carpets.  I also cleaned one place in front of the carport door in the dining room where we walk in and track in. I'm finished now. I watered my plants and that was the last of it. I will dust well when I get home from Florida. I have recently changed the filter in my furnace and that keeps the dust to a bare minimum.  I usually only have to dust every two weeks. Electric heat is expensive to use but much cleaner then gas. It's 1:40 PM and the apartment is clean. I am washing the little bit of laundry I have now. Perhaps I will read after I get that in the dryer. I have several books I haven't read yet. One is a paperback Bill gave me for my birthday.

More later...
Bob came back this evening to watch Brooks and Shields...except they didn't have Brooks..they had a substitute for the commentary.   After that was over he was very tired and went home. He has not been having any back problems and hesitates to have surgery on his back unless it is truly necessary. He had A-Fib and that is another concern. His appointment with Dr. Hsu  is the 21st. I will be gone and his daughter, Denise,  will go with him to that appointment. 

Missy and I lay on the couch after I had my bath until 10:00 and watched Dateline. Then we went to bed.

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