Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday and a Shopping Trip at Amelia Island

I slept well last night. Ginger gave me some meds to help me sleep and also dry up what is trying to be a cold. So far, so good. The man sitting beside me on the plane to Charlotte had a terrible cold and I am trying to fight it off of developing. So good.

We ate breakfast at Caroline's this morning and it was a terrific breakfast. I am still full and it is 1:25 in the afternoon.  The kids are off on a run. I am sitting on the porch in the wicker chairs in the sunshine trying to get the blog up to date.

The bad news is that Ginger's grandmother passed away last night. She will be flying out to Ohio for the services which are being held on Thursday. Since I am here, Scott has to stay here with me. My plane takes off on January 4th. I could stay here by myself while they are gone with Nathan, her son, to the services... if they got back in time to get me to the airport the morning of the 4th. But I don't think they are comfortable doing that.

This morning we all went over to Amelia Island and walked all over the place after visiting the street market there. Ginger finished up her last minute Christmas shopping. After a couple of hours, we came back home. Scott and Ginger are doing a run right now. I stayed here with the animals and am resting.

It is a beautiful day. Yesterday was chilly and cloudy. Today is lovely!

More later....

This afternoon Ginger's son, Nathan, came. She and Nathan are going to leave Tuesday to go back to Ohio to the funeral services for Ginger's grandmother, who passed away last night. She should be back on Friday. He is a very nice young man. When he got out of his truck, I extended my hand to shake his hand and he gave me a huge hug instead.

Scott and Ginger cooked dinner. Ginger cooks her veggies over a grill in a large cage type utensil.  I actually had never seen a thing like that. It reminded me a bit of an old fashioned popcorn popper.  But it worked. She put some seasoning on them and put broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes in it and Scott grilled them over an open flame. Then they put some special seasoning on the pork and grilled that. They walked down the lane to get the mail and deliver some gifts to friends that live down that way and I watched the meat while they were gone. Dinner was great.

We visited awhile over dinner reminiscing over past experiences.

Nathan is watching a movie now. It's "Jack Reacher". I have not seen the movie. But it might not be one I would enjoy.

It's 6:20 now and I want to read to relax so I will go back to my bedroom and read. It's been a wonderful but exhausting day.

More later...

As it turned out, I did decide to watch "Jack Reacher" with the others. I got to bed before 9:00 but did not fall asleep right away. Too big a day, I guess.

I cannot send e-mail from here so texting and this blog are my only way to communicate with anyone. 


ChuckFu said...

Merry Christmas Mom, was going to call this evening, but time got away and forgot the time difference

Margie's Musings said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Keith...and Esther!