Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday and Cancelled Services

Last night my daughter, who is one of our pastors, called to cancel the services today. This morning it is -2 degrees outside and many of us are way too old to get out in that type of weather. In fact, it's too cold and windy for anyone of any age to be out there. I will see how the weather does before deciding whether to go out to Leslie's for the cookie party at 3:00 this afternoon.  I think we only got about an inch or so of snow last night. Today and tomorrow I will definitely wear a coat...and that's against my religion!  :)

I slept pretty well last night. I woke at 12:30 and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid med but got back to sleep within an hour.

Marilyn texted me last evening too and said I should eat lunch tomorrow at home. We were going to have dinner together in Tulsa but Marilyn is 83 and she doesn't need to be driving around Tulsa in this type of weather. No one does. So I will eat out somewhere...preferably somewhere close...perhaps Brahms which is a half block away.

Missy and I have had our breakfasts and I have had coffee and a cup of Chai Latte too. That always warms me up inside. She wanted me to open the door so she could see out but I don't need that cold air on the storm door in my apartment.  So, this morning, she is out of luck.

Tonight I will watch my DVD of  "The Christmas Carol". It's a Christmas tradition with me.

More later...

Bob and Phyllis F. and I went out to El Pueblo for lunch. "Just Us" had frozen pipes and drains with this freezing weather. They had  heaters on the drains and pipes to get them thawed out.

We had a good lunch. We had not been out to El Pueblo for quite a long time.

Now, at 3:00 or before, we will go out to Leslie's for the Cookie Exchange party she is having. In the meantime, I will just play free cell on the computer.

So more later...

This was the counter where Leslie set most of the cookies.  Her sister-in-law Alberta is holding my great grandchild, Maia. That's her friend, Connie, on the right. I almost missed her but the purpose of the photo was the cookies.

This is Leslie's best friend, Cyndi. She made some really terrific cookies. Cyndi is the salt of the earth.

I had a really nice time out at John and Leslie's. She had a very good crowd for the cookie exchange. She and John have lots of friends.  They have lived out there in that area since they moved back to the Caney/Independence area when they left Kensington,  Kansas after John had taught there for just one year after graduating college. They missed their families. So he got the VoAg position at Caney Valley High School. He taught there until he retired.

When I left, Leslie gave me money for my motel at the airport and spending money at Yulee. My kids are so good to me! I am very blessed!

Anyhow, Bob came home with me and watched the football game before 60 Minutes and then left to go home and I took my bath and Missy and I lay on the sofa with her afghan until I was just too tired to stay up any longer and then we went to bed.

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