Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept poorly last night. I first woke up at 12:20 after going to bed at 9:00 and lay there until almost 3:00 AM without being able to get back to sleep. I got up and went to the bathroom and also took my thyroid pill. When I finally did get back to sleep, I slept until shortly before 4:00. I just got up at 4:45. I am taking my temp again. I want to see if I should go have breakfast out.

It's almost 5:00 and at this time, I have no temp. Good!

I don't know what I will do today. I know I am tried of staying home and I have a list to fill at Walmart. I will go out there after breakfast and after I take Bob home... if the temp stays down.

More later...

I went to Walmart and bought what I could.  I needed Kitty Litter but the boxes were all 20 pounds or even more and I am not supposed to lift more then 10 pounds so I may have to ask Bob to go over to the Dollar General store and buy the litter for me.

I did go to breakfast...but the meal was cold. I stopped going to Eggberts once because of cold food. I may have to do that again. I had one small cold scrambled egg with two pieces of cold bacon and three pancakes...also cold. I couldn't eat them all.

More even later...

Bob did run out to Walmart and buy a box of kitty litter. I couldn't have lifted it. It was 20 pounds.  I appreciated his help.

I lay all afternoon on the sofa with Missy just reading. She slept.

I finally ate my beans with some of Bob's wheat crackers. Betty came for the apartment inspection and did some work on some of the apartments.

Bob decided not to come over this evening and I lay on the couch and watched TV until a little after 6:00 when I took my shower and washed my hair. I will try to stay up until at least 9:00.

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