Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept very well last night and only woke up one time. I feel quite a bit better today. Marilyn asked me yesterday if I would like to ride to game day with her.  I will do that. I really have cabin fever and want to get out and do something now that I am feeling better.

Tomorrow I will go to Independence to help Juanita with her checkbook. Afterward I will come home and Bob and I will have the chili I fixed yesterday.  Then tomorrow afternoon, if I am still feeling better, I will go to Bartlesville and look for a pair of brown slacks for church. I thought I had some but Sunday I looked everywhere and could not find them. I must have been mistaken.

This healing is a slow process. I get impatient about it. I am used to be able to do whatever I want without feeling like an invalid. :)

We had our leftover meatloaf for lunch with fried potatoes and peas and Bob's salad.  Tomorrow we will have our chili. I will take some to Marilyn.  She took me to game day at the senior center today. I had a good time although I am tired now.

More even later...

This evening I just can't get warm. My hands and feet  are cold and I have turned up the furnace. I lay on the sofa with Missy after I got home from game day. I was very tired.

Bob came over at 5:00 and stayed until 6:45. When he left, I didn't even take a shower. I just wasn't up to it.  I took a sponge bath and about 8:00 I went to bed.

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