Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday and Surgery Day

I slept well until 3:00 AM and from then on it was off and on...mostly off.

I finally got up at 4:30 and just gave up. I am not supposed to wear any makeup or jewelry today so all I had to do was dress, wash my face and and brush my teeth. I am just wearing jeans and a sweater to the hospital. Last night the nurse called and moved my arrival time for the surgery to 7:00...instead of 8:00. I am taking my billfold and slippers and a directive. I will need my ID and insurance cards and I am supposed to wear non slip slippers when I am back in my room after the surgery. I will wear my same clothes to go home tomorrow.  

I finished the book "Hidden Figures" and Karan and I went to see the movie last Monday afternoon. It was very good and very wholesome. Just goes to show you you don't have to have violence or sex to make a really good movie.  The trouble I have nothing to read in the hospital.

Both my boys called last night to wish me well for the surgery. I called Leslie about the change of time. Bob will take me the 15 miles to Tyro where we will meet Leslie. That will keep her from having to come over here to pick me up and then drive back over that way to take me to Bartlesville.

I will text Bob in about 15 minutes to wake him up. We need to leave here by 6:00 to get to Tyro by 6:15 or 6:20. Then Leslie and I will go the rest of the way to Bartlesville and Bob will come back home.

Before I leave I will feed Missy and take my two pills with a half cup of water.

I will not be posting more today. I will be back online here tomorrow sometime.