Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday and Utopia

I slept well last night. I did get up about 4:45 but had had lots of sleep.I got around and came in the den to check my e-mail after I had my breakfast and fed Missy. She wanted up on the daybed behind me and I carefully lifted her up there. She weighs 18 pounds and my limit to lift is 10 pounds. I fudged a little but I am working on my 5th week following my surgery so I think it is alright.

We will finish off the beef veggie soup for lunch with whole wheat crackers and sharp cheddar cheese but first I will go to Utopia at 9:30. Today is cinnamon roll day and I always also get a Utopiachino on the 1st and 3rd Fridays and a cinnamon roll. They are kind of expensive but I need to treat myself every once in a while or I feel slighted. :)

I got the crossword puzzle finished this morning too.

I need to vacuum today. I did the bare floors a couple of days ago but need to do the carpets today. I also want to go through my VCR tapes to put them in the box for the rummage sale on the 3rd. I no longer have a VCR tape player so I can no longer use them.  I may as well try to sell them.  Some people still have VCRs. I gave mine to Bob after I found I had no port for the VCR player on my new TV. I used the one I had for the DVD player.

More later....

Just look at this mess of leaves left on the ground in front of Bill and Evelyn's apartment. Betty, the landlady had a couple clean them up last year. I will have to try to get her to do that this year. I worked and work on them before my surgery but there are many trees around the fourplex and they just keep blowing on our grass. the grass will be smothered this year if she doesn't get it cleaned up.

This mess is next to Marilyn R's apartment and the grass will be killer there too. The worst though is on the east side of my apartment.

This is my flowerbed area. It is a mess. You can see the lavender is still alive and my red mulch is showing some but the leaves are inches deep here.  Last week, I took my blower and blew some of the leaves away from my back door. They were so deep that I couldn't open the door.

This is just south of my back door near the hose storage. It must be six inches deep.

This is just south of the east above ground flowerbed. near the air conditioning unit.  I have worked at cleaning this mess up in the past but should not do it this year since I am just past the 4th week of recuperation after the surgery.

What a mess! I will text Betty later and ask her to have that couple come again this year and bag up these leaves.

Maybe she will but maybe she won't. She has had to re-carpet the house across the street again...the second time since she bought this property three years ago. The guy she rented to this time got the carpet so filthy that it couldn't be cleaned and she had to replace it again. They have been working on that house ever since the inspection. The guy had not lived in the house regularly and had let his nephew "house sit" for him and he had a teenage son there too. 

They had been smoking in there too and  their teen aged son even broke a hole in the wall. I told her to be careful who she rented to next time. Those two guys behavior was so erratic that I always locked my car at night. I wasn't sure what they might do. They picked up cigarette butts in the parking lot next door and smoked them. They also asked some of the tenants over there next door for pot. We don't want that sort of people in the neighborhood. Betty said she had vetted them but she still put up "no trespassing" signs in our parking lot. One of the men worked at the refinery and had for over a year but that's certainly not a reference.

What a mess! This has always been such a nice neighborhood too.

I have texted Betty about the leaves and she says they will get to that this weekend. Great!

More later...

I sat outside with Missy in the 70 degree weather this afternoon after lunch. We did finish off the beef vegetable soup. I even took some of it to Marilyn R. 

I lay on the sofa with Missy for an hour or so after Bob left. I raked a few leaves away from the side of the house too.

Then about 5:15 Bob came back to watch the news and PBS with Mark Shields and  David Brooks!  He left about 7:00 and I took my shower and put my pjs on and got ready for bed. I will try to stay up until 8:30 or so.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

ha ha! seeing your title I thought that you had some super spiritual experience not that Utopia was a location : ) XO

Margie's Musings said...

Funny! I never thought of that. Would your Utopia have cinnamon rolls and Utopiachino?