Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday and Bunco at Asbury Village

I slept pretty well last night. I did wake up once and go to the bathroom but I managed to get back to sleep. I finally woke up at 5:45...late for me.

I will make soup today for lunch. I picked up the makings at the Walmart here last evening. We have some wheat crackers that Bob left here and I will get some cheddar cheese at Country Mart this morning. Maybe I will make some more cookies. I have been eating a couple every evening.

This afternoon at 2:00, I will attend the Asbury Village Bunco games. That is usually fun.  I will not go to PINCH this evening. I have not been going out in the evening while I am healing.  I need the rest at home by then.

More later....

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and I am doing a small load of laundry. I am washing my towels and wash cloths about every other day nowadays.  Today is four weeks since my surgery.  Just two more weeks and I can resume my baths and give up the showers.  I still do not intend to go back to see that doctor that did my surgery. I will just trust that by six weeks I will be well.

I got the soup on with the stew meat too. Then I went to Country Mart and bought some sharp cheddar cheese. While I was at it, I bought the church some more plastic forks. We were out on Sunday.

More even later...

The soup was very good and I have plenty for another meal. We will have it again on Friday.

Also I had a good time at the Bunco game at Asbury Village.  Now I am very tired and will lay down for a bit.

I took the forks out to the church after the game. Then I stopped by Haymaker's Furniture on my way back to look at recliners. If Missy wouldn't damage it I would be tempted to buy one. She has damaged the one I have now with her claws by climbing into it. They had two "Best" chairs that were the right colors.

More even later...

Bob came over at 5:15 to read the newspaper. It was late. He brought the Journal too so we each read a newspaper. After he left, I took my shower and searched in vain for something to watch on TV. Finally at 8:30, Missy and I went to bed. 

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